Wednesday, January 20, 2010


All I have really done this month is dig in the dirt and plant. My front yard landscaping is complete! What a great feeling!

First thing, the tree in front of the fireplace had to go!

Last month we cut the tree down, this month someone removed the stump for us!

I was finally able to buy shrubs and retaining wall to build raised flower beds.

Here is the photos with the red mulch!

No, I am not having a baby! My husband and I are talking about it. We have to get some more work done on our house before we have a baby. I have just been playing with my Photo Shop making design boards. I really want a baby girl.

I have started to collect Alice in Wonderland items. I thought using them as my inspiration to decorate a nursery would be fun. I would love to paint some murals of Alice on the walls! I would love to collect some vintage teapots, cups, and saucers to decorate with also. I have tons of ideas, but no baby. lol Designing and Dreaming is still so much fun!!!

I saw this purse and had to buy it! I love the vintage picture printed on it. The quote on the purse is the story of my life.....

(I haven't decided if I am going to keep the purse or sell it.)

My main focus in March has been working on redoing my Pink Booth where I work. Here is what it looks like currently.....

The other focus is getting ideas together for the front yard landscaping! If you haven't seen my house in awhile, its now white instead of RED.

The tree in front of the fireplace is being cut down. It blocks the house to much and is hurting the roof.

I hate to cut it down, but its to big for where they planted it!! :(

I have actually asked someone I know to help me design all the landscaping. He is very good, and I am so not. I can do interior design, but not so good at landscaping!! lol Here is the house when we bought it....

I do miss the red house, but the white looks very nice. Here is a few images that are inspiring me! (To see more photos of the house in RED, click here!)

Of course, living in OHIO means no palm trees! :( My husband won't allow plastic pink flamingos either. I am also pretty sad about that.

First, before flamingos and pretty purple flowers, I plan to paint the window trim on the front of the house. I am open to any suggestions or ideas anyone may have for my landscaping. Red mulch, good idea or bad idea?

My Hallway*

My Kylie poster has been hanging in the hallway for about 2 years! I got a new Marilyn Monroe poster to hang next to Kylie! I love the way it looks.

hallway photo collage... I had all these miscellaneous photo frames sitting around, so I tired to use them all up by making a picture wall in our hallway!

I plan to paint all the black frames white. I like white frames in the hallway because it doesn't feel so "busy" or cramped when walking down it.

Retro Clock ~ one of the million things I have bought this year! lol It came from my work.

I got this great table and chairs from my work also!

It needs alot of work! I need to recover the chairs, and maybe someday I will get a nice round rug for my dining area. I love the big red round one that is $299 at IKEA!


I have lots of new collections now that I work at the antique mall. Its branched out into Marilyn Monroe, Pink Teddy Bears, Vintage Flowered Items, and More Hello Kitty....

I bought this doll house basically because it was a heck of a deal, and in hope that someday I might have a little girl to play with it.


My living room basically looks the same, just a few new pieces. I finally have a few houseplants! I haven't killed this peace lily yet!

I just thought these pictures were cute. The pets love to lay on the heat vents to keep warm.

sneak peak...

I hope to be posting pictures of my bedroom soon. Its getting there....finally. :)

Here is a photo of my pink & black booth at the antique mall.

If I am not working, I am usually working on my booth or out searching for stuff to sell in my booth. (not working on my house or decorating my house) This is why nothing ever gets done anymore!! I make a little extra cash selling items. Plus, its just fun!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Hopefully it won't be another year before I post again. lol

I waited, and waited, and waited.....

Its finally here!!!!! My own IKEA! (Only 9 miles from my house!) Going to IKEA has helped me to get back into the "decorating spirit"! We finally get to furnish our Master Bedroom. I ended up NOT liking the orange and white IKEA bedding in person. I did fall in love with this though.....


In the photo above, I have black MALM furnitire from IKEA. Well, we aren't getting black. We went with white. That is what I really wanted. My bedroom is a mess right now. Once I start getting it together I will snap some photos. Here are some cute little chairs that I have bought from the antique mall where I work.

My work will be having its GRAND OPENING the weekend of April 25th. All I do is work. I have no time to blog anymore. :( I am enjoying my new job though. (and my IKEA store!)

Hello! I needed to post something! Working at an Antique mall is really making me realize how much I love VINTAGE stuff. I actually have rented a booth of my own at the mall I work at. (I will post pictures soon.) I also need to post pictures of some of the cool stuff I have bought. :)

For now though, I am just posting about some stuff I love to look at. This cool pillow is from Henry Road. I really want to make pillows that look like this!

Or how about a Bedspread made from vintage scarfs!! I love the colors and patterns!!

I actually was looking for Black & White shower curtains and found this stuff. Still haven't found the "perfect" shower curtain for my hall bathroom. I think I have decided to decorate it Black & White. I have so much color everywhere else in my house. I want to find something very MOD with a strong 1960's feel. I like this floral one from Target.

Its a bit busy, but I think I could pull it off! lol ;)

We are working on our Master Bedroom again. Our new IKEA opens next week, and we hope to get it ready by then. We plan on buying a bed and all new furniture for our bedroom. I am very excited to decorate the room FINALLY! I think its going to turn out great. I am working on picking out the bedding. I love this new bedding from Target!

I still love this IKEA bedding.

I might just buy something that is a SOLID color. I don't want the room to be to crazy! We'll see.

Again, sorry that my posts are lacking. All I do right now is work.

I have being dreaming up designs for our basement when we finish it. Which won't be anytime soon, but if I get ideas in my head, I have to design. :)

I have been looking at many fun couches. Here are some of my favorites.

This one has to be my favorite so far. I just don't know how comfy it is. It is just really fun to look at. Would look pretty cool in my house if you ask me. (link)

This is basically just cushions, kinda like bean bag chairs. I just love the square look and the lime green. It is from Target. (link)

IKEA KARLSTAD couch (link) Comes in lots of colors and options.

Look at this great vintage 1970's couch! (link) I kinda would like to do all vintage pieces in the basement. This couch is priced around $600! Not to bad, for such a great piece.

This couch is cool, but I would like to just build a couch on my own that is like this one. (link) Make my own frame & cushions.

HOLY CRAP! I am really in love with this couch. (link) Again, looks fun, but not good for lounging and watching tv. I do think that this is my favorite. I am in love.

so many couches, so little money.......

I think I may have found a shower curtain for my hall bathroom. I am in love with this line by Jonathon Alder sold at Wrapables!

The Bespoke Shower Curtain

I love the pattern, and the red and white of course. All the matching bath accessories are really fun too.

This is just on option. I do have my Andy Warhol shower curtain in there right now. Its just I have so much Pop Art everywhere else. I like the more "fancy" look of the red & white curtain. I think the bathroom would look nicer that way.

The good thing about the Warhol curtain is every color in my house is on it. So it would look good. I just feel its a bit too much Warhol? (keeping in mind, that all my masterbedroom is going to be) Also, the red and white one is a totally different look.

This shower curtain is just funny.


Does anyone have any suggestions or a favorite? (My Andy Warhol can go in the basement bathroom when we do it.) Also, I was thinking of leaving the bathroom painted white. I might do a pale color if I stick with the Warhol curtain.

The kitchen still needs some work. Its not quite done yet. It needs new outlets, under cabinet lighting, and other small things. The ceiling has some cracks in it sadly, so they will need fixed. The original kitchen was outdated and not very functional. We dreamed of having an IKEA kitchen, and we were able to use some of our escrow loan to do it.



We went with the ABSTRAKT White cabinets from IKEA. I wanted a white contemporary kitchen. Since red is my favorite color, and a theme through out our house, I thought it was a perfect color choice for the room that is the heart of our home.

We flipped the island/bar to the other side of the kitchen. It is alot more functional this way. The kitchen feels and looks so much bigger now.

I hope to get my barstools that I want for Christmas. (link)

I love that you can see KYLIE while in the kitchen!



Here is the Dining Area. We do have the trim up now.

My white vase collection.

We ripped out the old china cabinet that was in the dining area. We hope to buy more cabinets and put them in this area in the future.

Here is a detailed photo of our tile backsplash. I picked this tile, because I felt it had a vintage retro feel.

Oh, and I *heart* my faucet!!!! Its from Moen, sold at Home Depot. The red wall color is called Code Red, it is a Disney color sold at Home Depot.

I have always loved Lime Green. Lucky for me, my husband lets me paint any color I like. (unless its pink, then he draws the line.) When I first painted our guest bedroom this green color, even I thought it was too bright.

The wall color is Grape Green by Behr.

This whole room was based around the Issac Mizrahi bedding from Target. Sometimes when you see something, you know you must have it for your home. The bedding was a great balance of white, bright colors, and a modern feel. Plus, butterflies make me smile. If you would like to see my Inspiration board for this room follow the (link).

I painted "Do it for the Butterflies" over the bed. It inspires me to keep going. Butterflies are happy and free. So, when I read it, it reminds me to never give up on my dreams. Its also a line from the Adam Sandler movie, Little Nicky.

The room isn't all the way done. I plan to make cornice boxes to put over the curtain rods. I was glad I was able to throw the houndstooth pattern into the decor. Another one of my favorites!

Also, the mini-blinds will go bye-bye someday! They are there now because they fit, and we need them. Also, I have had those stupid nightstands for years. Once IKEA comes to OHIO, I plan on buying some new ones. When you are on a budget,...or just broke, you use what you got!!! lol

Here is another thing you do when you are on a budget. You go to the dollar store and buy picture frames.

The photos are pictures I printed off my computer and a Justin Timberlake cd booklet. When I find cool frames at the dollar store its like Christmas for me. :) The great thing about the room is, its very me. Anyone who knows me could see this room and know its mine. That's one of the best things about decorating.

Here is a before shot of the room. What it looked like when we bought the house.

I don't hate orange, but it did give you a headache is a 10x12 bedroom. Along, with the checkered floor. Wasn't working for me!!! lol

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