Monday, January 18, 2010


This is very fitting because I actually made this list today in the library. Ahem. Not everyone here is from Old Hollywood. [insert gasp]





MYA (11)

1. William Holden

Favorite movies: Sunset Boulevard, Born Yesterday, (both 1950) & The Country Girl (1954). (Latter film included because it was my first Bill movie, and he caused me to not pay too much attention to Grace Kelly, so it wasn't until I watched a second time that I saw what an excellent performance she gave. And I think she deserved that Oscar)!

2. Gregory Peck

Gentleman's Agreement (1947)

3. James Stewart or Jimmer :)

Mr Smith Goes to Washington (1939) It's A Wonderful Life (1946) & Rear Window (1954)

4. Frank Sinatra

From Here to Eternity (1953) & Guys and Dolls (1955)

5. Montgomery Clift

From Here to Eternity (1953)

6. Cary Grant

Bringing Up Baby (1938) & The Philadelphia Story (1940)

7. Clark Gable

It Happened One Night (1934)

8. Humphrey Bogart

The Desperate Hours (1955) *insert evil laugh* I want to be random and different, and fyi, this was the first Bogie film that really made me HATE him.

9. Fred Astaire

You Were Never Lovelier (1942)! If there was any doubt in my mind as to loving Fred, it was wiped away after seeing him in this film. Love, love, love.

10. Fredric March

The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954)--> Review coming up.

11. George Sanders

Rage in Heaven (1941)

12. Bing Crosby

The Country Girl (1954)

13. Gene Kelly

The Pirate (1948)

14. Burt Lancaster

The Sweet Smell of Success (1957)

15. Robert Mitchum

Macao (1952)

16. Charlie Chaplin

City Lights (1931) & Modern Times (1936)

17. Joseph Cotten

Shadow of a Doubt (1943) & The Third Man (1949)

18. Rainn Wilson

I don't evn know ^

19. John Krasinski

20. Steve Carell

This list is not final, cos much as I adore the last three, I'm still waiting to procure East of Eden & Giant so that James Dean makes this list. And Douglas Fairanks Jr. too. And Sidney Poitier. And well, you get the gist. 

Hollywood Beauty: Linda Darnell and the American Dream
By Ronald L. Davis

Linda Darnell wasn't the only actress in Hollywood to build a career based on beauty. Nor was she the only one to die young. But among the more notable names of tragic deaths in Hollywood, hers is little known. And why shouldn't she be? Her screen presence failed to capture the world's imagination like Marilyn Monroe or James Dean. She was described as a competent actress, but with limited dimension. But what can you expect? Linda landed a contract with 20th Century Fox mainly because of her incredibly beautiful face. It's not fair to say she didn't posess any talent whatsoever; but as one critic pointed out, she was no Bette Davis.

Linda was born Monetta Darnell in Dallas, Texas on October 16th, 1923. Her mother, Pearl Brown Darnell was the main force driving Linda to Hollywood. Pearl had cultivated big dreams for herself. She had wanted to break into the movies, to become a star. When that dream was never realized, she passed it down to Linda. A classic case of "stage mom." Linda wanted very much to be a star, but a lot of it had to do with her mother's influence. She was described as being very shy and poised, yet she worked hard at lessons that were meant to elevate her to the Hollywood dream. While Linda would grow to resent her mother, they still shared some similarities. Both were alcoholics, and could turn violent during fights and arguments.

She was discovered at age 15 by a talent scout from Fox named Ivan Kahn. And as with all starlets, the publicity machine worked overtime promoting her, and in 1939, at age 15, she starred in Hotel for Women. She recieved positive reviews in that film, and others to follow, most notably as Tyrone Power's wife in Blood and Sand (1941)and as Lora May in A Letter to Three Wives (1949). She was praised for her beauty, but her performances as well. Robert Zanuck felt she lacked personality; which is at odds with what everyone else said of her. She was always called sweet, and lovely, but most everyone believed she didn't belong there. Linda was simple, and came from a simple hometown. A neighbor of hers, who had retired from working at an insurance company said: "I'm living the kind of life Monetta Darnell would have if people had left her alone."

Maybe life as a star isn't the American dream. Maybe working a nine to five is just as respectable a way to live, as long as your're happy. Linda managed to find happiness through her friends, her adopted daughter Lola, and the charities she lent her hand to. No one seems to want to discuss the fact that she set up a Girls Town in Italy, a country she was in love with, to aid young female orpahns. Or that she worked trying to help blacks, Native Americans, and the Kidney Foundation.

WILLIAM HOLDEN said Linda was an apple; "Beautiful on the outside, delicious on the inside." Obviously she had a quality that drew people in; most everyone adored her. It seems to me that she tried fitting into Hollywood by adopting a colorful vocabulary, which fooled no one, and putting up a tough exterior. Underneath it all, she would remain Monetta, a shy, beautiful young girl with a compassionate heart and a yearning need to be taken seriously in her profession.

Linda would die on April 10, 1965 from a house fire. Over ninety percent of her body was covered in 2nd and 3rd degree burns. That already is such a tragic way to die, but Linda had always had a fear of fire, and in cruel irony, her greatest fear took her life.

I would recommend this book, but only if you're genuinely interested in her life and complex story. It passes through rather quickly, but you do get a sense of the woman forgotten in Hollywood's history. 
1. What's your favorite Ingrid film? Grrr. I'm gonna go with...Indiscreet. I adore Spellbound, but really, Indiscreet had me feeling like I wasn't even watching a movie. And she was hilarious in that role! (DAMNNNNNN) :)

2. Who's your favorite leading man from a film with Ingrid? Uh, Gregory Peck. Just Gregory. I could get into my rant about Spellbound, but just know: I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM WHEN I WATCHED THAT MOVIE. TOGETHER. I'VE BEEN REALLY BIG ON CAPS LOCK LATELY.

3. Who would you LOVE to see her with? OMG WILLIAM HOLDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would have made the perfect onscreen couple, in some comedy; or black comedy/drama where she drives him insane as the femme fatale.

4. What action film would you cast Ingrid in? REALLY. I have no clue.

5. In which current/classic TV show would she have been a great cast member? Haha, she so could play on The Office. Imagine her being the sassy foreign chick that Micheal thinks is "behind" in some things cos he's not all too bright himself. I can only imagine the one liners she'd throw at him.

6. Long hair Ingrid or short? I think she was positively, out of control gorgeous with that short blond hair in For Whom the Bell Tolls.

7. Ingrid in Sweden, Italy or U.S.? I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free! :D

8. Who's your favorite of her children? Um, I like them all? haha, Isabella reminds me the most of her, so I guess she would be my favorite. (Especially since once, when I watched an AFI special, she was talking about some film or other, and I yelled: "I love your mom!" Yes; I yelled at the TV screen).

9. Favorite photo of Ingrid?

REALLY? She was this beautiful?!

10. If you had to write a book report on Ingrid, what would it be called?
Ingrid: The Eyes behind Casablanca
(I know that sounds A LOT like Millie's, but I was going to write an essay about Ingrid and talk a lot about her eyes and performance in that film, and it's effect on me).  

Photos of Audrey w/ Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. 'nuff said. Take a look cos you can't blame me!!!!!!!!!! I <3 Dean + Audgers too of course, Jerry seemed cool. I go crazy when I see em. Thank you tumblr.

no Jerry; insert Frank, Shirley + William Wyler.

Ok, she was the most adorable thing...ever.

That lovely jewel of a blogger Merriam posted this a while ago, and of course I missed it! What is this ‘it’ I refer to? Only her completely true/shout AMEN to the heavens post about how gloves need to come back in style. But not just gloves; hats, skirts, tights. In short, everything that made a woman look elegant and lovely back in yesteryear and which is being sorely missed in the here and now. So Merriam tagged us to post what needs to come back in style. She pretty much covered the list. But I can think of something else that I want to add to my wardrobe, because I hate slumming around in sneakers and hoodies. Nothing in my closet reminds me of Lisa Carol Fremont; sure I have my share of slim dresses, but when am I ever going to wear them causally? Merriam also made a point to mention that dresses are not worn casually anymore, as they once were so stunningly.

Ok, so here is what I want back:

Yup, scarves. I know, I see plenty of women ages 70+ wearing head scarves, but I want to wear them too! I’d pull an Audrey or a Grace or a Jackie and slip outside to do errands in a head scarf; or a neck scarf. Who says they’re only for winter wear? “Scarf” does not only mean wooly thing that needs to be worn with a jacket. It can be thin and perfectly accessorized, as by this lovely lady:

People seem to feel the same way about hats too. Sure I’ve got a beret, but I’m using it for bad hair day solutions nowadays. And I would totally wear this:

Fedoras are not just for guys! Pair this with a man’s collar shirt, or just skinny jeans, and who knows? Francine Sinatra, maybe??? Yeah, I’ve got a fedora in my house. Too bad it’s brown, belonged to my grandfather, and my father, who guards such things with jealous protection (i.e. they sit in a dark corner of the closet unseen and untouched until I get a hold of them) would yell at me if I put it on my head. Maybe a brown fedora could work; only black is my cup of tea. But these can be found in contemporary stores, in any color or pattern. Woo hoo for being a girl!

BUT, cloche hats rule too, and they are coming back in style. Whatever. Even if they weren’t, I’m still buying one, and wearing it whenever the hell I feel like it! Take that 2009! sweet dreams

Anyone dressing up? I wanted to go for cute and charming; I'll be a dead cheerleader. There's my "I don't get your sarcasm" sarcasm.

Well my friend and I were on air for our school's TV network, and for the fun of Halloween, we counted down the top best horror movies.

NOTE: I don't watch horror movies. I have seen a couple, and the reasons are spelled out. And for that reason, NO CREEPY/SCARY movie stills.

5. Child's Play--> I was five; meaning my mother, brother, and sister made me watch it. Of course I would be terrified! And it still creeps me out because I've always had an aversion to glass dolls and ones that are possessed.

4. The Sixth Sense--> Ok, really, who hasn't seen this one? Yeah I know, it's not "scary". Ok, see some dead people walking around, and have a dead Mischa Barton show up and vomit in your tent, and then we'll see if it really isn't scary. Well, it has that psycological element, and there's no blood and gore.

3. Nightmare on Elm Street--> Confession: I only just saw this last week, and after seeing beautiful, 21 year old Johhny Depp get taken by Freddy Krueger, I screamed and ran from the room. Seriously, I went to sleep afraid that he would GET ME. (I know, what a dork; I hate acting scared like I'm 17 all over again).

2. The Shining--> Yeah, Jack Nicholson is crazy and terrifying and you got the REDRUM spelled everywhere. Um, the scariest part of this movie are those creepy dead twins. Shudders. I'm going to give myself nightmares if I keep talking about these movies!

1. Psycho--> Lead the way for all the aforementioned movies. I don't think any commentary is needed. It's just a good movie, regardless of genre. Hitchcock= genius, and the blood was scary even in black and white.

You might think it'd be pretty impossible to turn a 10 paged children's book into a feature length film. But then again, Hollywood likes to embellish. That's what you get with Where the Wild Things Are. There's no mention of a pretty sucky older sister, loneliness, or being let down in the celebrated Maurice Sendak book. But in this film, director Spike Jonez manages to pull it all together, in a way that is neither forced, but intense, and even powerful. This movie will make you sad; it will make you gasp. But what it will not do is make you regret it. Yes, it is a children's film, but a good film nonetheless. I guess it doesn't matter if a movie is classic or contemporary; if it makes you think, if it leaves you feeling a little breathless, then it's done it's job.

Here's Carol, leader of the pack, adding flowers to the fort he, Max and the gang built. A monster gentle with flowers...

Max in his wolf suit and crown. The young actor who plays him, Max Records, is a pretty talented kid. He brings to life the Max of the book; mischievous and wild of course, but also a sad, and angry Max, a boy who grows disappointed and escapes to fantasy when reality proves less than appealing.

Carol and Max.

This is my future mode of transportation. Yes it's true. If not in pink, cherry red.

Yeah I've always been a big fan of bad ass red lipstick. Can we say 40s glam? Inspired by Gewn Stefani, fawned over by Harley.

Ryan Sheckler, skateborading phenom. This should make Millie and my friend Mary happy. I think I'm giving up Shia for The World's Illest White Boy, aka Ryan. Seriously, how could I forget my one and only Ryan? He was replaced by William Holden. Now, he's back.

Julez Santana. You guys probably aren't familiar. But once upon a time, yours truly used to be obsessed with hard core rap. *Shudders*. Yes very true. But along the way, Juelz slipped my mind and was replaced by Audrey. But now, he's back too. J'adore him.

I love this pic.

Perfect caption: "What happened last night?" ;) 
I'm in a real big Linda Darnell kick right now. I have to watch A Letter to Three Wives; I've been trying to since the summer. I miss Linda, and her movies. Another I'm hoping to check out is Summer Storm, starring miss lovely & the George Sanders. :)


Rita Hayworth aka The Love Goddess (one of those rare creatures who is never underrated or overrated by anyone).
b. 10/17/1918-d. 5/14/1987

Well, I couldn't blog yesterday, on what would have been Rita's 91st birthday. And you see, I kinda love her a lot. So here are some photos. Rest in Peace, Rita.

Linda Darnell b. 10/16/1923-d. 4/10/1965
Truly one of the screen's most authentic beauties and talented stars. A friend of mine told me yesterday that a dead person doesn't have a birthday; still, you should remember the day they were born. So happy birthday Linda, and rest in peace.





MYA (11)

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