Sunday, January 17, 2010


Woman With Dog
Mother And Children
The Party
Woman In Blue Hat
Mother And Child With Goldfish
Floral Still Life
Backstage At The Ballet
Young Woman On Wicker Settee
A Family At A Table

A Young Woman
The Picture Hat
Untitled (Chess Game)
Self Portrait
Theodore Dreiser
Gray Day
Fish And Blue Pitcher
Sleeping Baby

The Magic Hand
Apple Blossoms, Sicily
Architectural Still Life
Rhodian Idyll
Figures With Mask
Man From Kayenta
Relaxin’ Country
Apache Girl
title unknown
Late Supper
Summertime At Kabito
Rainbow Maiden
Parting Of The Ways
Resting On The Heights
Daughter Of Blue Corn (Taos)
Mountain Top Way
Out Of The Mountains
Smudged Glasses
On The Way To Kayenta
Magic Circles
Hopi Maiden
Combing The Ridges

An Idle Afternoon
Gas Station

Lady With Flowers
May Flowers
The Rose
Portrait Of A Young Boy In A Sailor’s Costume
The Faithful Sitter
Allegorical Landscape
A Rondel
Seated Young Girl
Louise Howland King Cox portrayed by Kenyon Cox

On The Susquehanna
The Pioneers
Seven Hills – An American Landscape
A View Of Dinting Vale, Glossup, Derbyshire
Coming Of The White Man (The First Ship)
Virginia Landscape
Scene On Stony Creek, Catawba River, South Carolina
American Landscape
Natural Bridge – View From The Arch Of The Bridge Looking Down The Creek, Rockbridge County, Virginia
Stony Creek, North Carolina
Landscape With Cattle
North Carolina, Approaching The Allegheny Mountains
Ship At Sea In A Squall
Landscape With Deer, North Carolina
The Natural Bridge

A New Orleans Mother And Her Four Children

Hearts Of Fire
The Sentinels
Return To Forever
Quiet Before The Storm
Enchanted Evening
Angel Of Hope And Healing
Martin Luther King
Tuskegee Airmen
Glory Hallelujah
Seven Architects
Illuminate My Path
Time Shall Teach Thee All Things
Negro League Baseball 

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