Tuesday, February 23, 2010

everything old is new again


image by tim walker

bonjour mes amis! just stopping by to say hi to and not overload on posting like i seem to have been doing lately! i’m dying to do some visiting instead of writing, so i stopped by to visit my girl janet at french blue and co., and discovered yet an other fabulous book by tim walker. funny thing is he reproduced an image i’ve been saving forever in a folder and this was a good reason to break it out. it’s from an old film, a silent i think. anyone know which one?
this is a closeup of the actress. sorry the pics are so bad but i shot them out of a movie book years ago with a digital that’s now a dinosaur.
tucked in the folder were all sorts of other scene sets. well some were sets and some were real homes.
i know you’ve seen this one before, can anyone place it for me? i have no credits on these at all!
anyway it was a good reason to finally clean out this folder and share these gems with you.
i hope you’ll forgive the quality of these shots and just see the beauty and detail that went into these rooms!
alcoves are my weakness!
and so is trim
and tufting
and divas!
well if you happen to know any of these films or locations i’d love to know, i even forget the book they came from. i’ve had them since the ’90s!
so that’s it for now. but i couldn’t leave without sharing one little thing i learned today. it has nothing to do with this post but good to know nonetheless.

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