Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Conceptions in Healing the Hidden Self

Conceptions in Healing the Hidden Self

Developing our concepts will assist us with conjuring up new ideas and perceptions that lead us to healing the hidden self. Through theorizing, shuffling, and developing new ideas we can change our view on life by changing our main beliefs and perceptions.

The common human must consistently maneuver through the healing process by re-training selves to think positive and seek success. Believing that you have the power within to success will assist you with approaches you will need to take to live a better life. You will react differently in each situation, which better decision-making will allow you to reap rewards.

Healing the hidden self and your self-perceptions will take you a long way to the success, since you will shuffle through your failures to avoid making redundant mistakes. Our inner self-perceptions are major influences in our life. We must endeavor to change misconceptions that lead us astray to ensure that we are developing positive self-perceptions. We must continue to attain more successes in our life. Healing of the hidden self and the way we believe and perceive will open the doors; typically, we may close in our own face. By changing the way one believes and perceives, it can help one to develop and grow into a well-rounded, balanced person.

Conceptions are our origin. From the start, we all develop ideas, notions, thoughts, etc from influences, impressions, observation, educational sources, parents, and so on. We develop hypothesizes and ideas from our understanding of the way we comprehend and perceive.

By understanding, our ways of learning we can shuffle through the mud puddles successfully, reform, and transform the mind. Still, behaviors and habits must be considered.

Behaviors and habits form from our conceptions, rather the influences that leave impressions on the way we perceive. The bible tells us that “Bad influences,” reflect on our personality and conceptions and ultimately can encourage bad behaviors and habits. Useful habits then must be developed through positive influences.

With this fact in sight, now you can work through healing the self by examining your influences. Think of the people in your life. If these people are not bringing something to your table, thus they are only hindering you from healing the hidden self. You must consider removing bad influences; otherwise, you may stay stuck in the same pattern.

Who are influences?
Influences are people, places, things, et cetera. Consider all the nouns and you will find the answer. Influences include effects, stimulus, inspirations, persuasion, manipulations, control, authority, pressure, weight, power, etc and all influences shape our personality. That is if we all them to.

When you examine influences in your life, also consider your environment. Does your environment hinder you in some way from achieving your goal to heal the hidden self? If so, then you must consider moving to a better environment.

Does your job hinder you from achieving your goal to heal the hidden self? Despite that, employees and employers may have a positive attitude that reflects on you, your job may have a powerful influence that affects your life. For example, if an artist is working in a Pop Shop, likely this person despite positive attitudes surround he will feel a sense of emptiness. Thus, to relieve the emptiness this person must explore his abilities, skills, potentials, etc and move to change his career. Only until the artist finds his purpose in life will he find a sense of healing of the hidden self.

We must also consider our main beliefs to adapt to new conceptions and ideas that assist us with healing the hidden self.

Conflict Resolution Tactics Inspired by Cats & Dolphins

Enlightening PERSPECTIVES on conflict resolution have been inspired in me by  sacred animals, Jessie Justin Joy , the feline teacher and dolphins. Does peace ever occur in the outer or is the idea of "peace" the ego's way of saying, my way? Perhaps peace has been here now eternally and is simply waiting for us to dissolve back into her-his arms in all circumstances."

     I lived in an apartment by the ocean for many years and often came home to a party of cats. Jessie the feline was very social and while I was away, cats would come in the cat door and hold gatherings with each other. I enjoyed the way the cats breathed in rhythm with the near by ocean. All immersed in unique and personal life tasks, each dreaming up a unique perspective, individually encountering different levels of evolution, the cats could sit comfortably together in harmony.

     Years later I was holding Unconditional Awakening Seminars as a therapist. I put a vase of flowers in the middle of the circle. If we each took a photograph of the flowers from where we sat, using the best of equipment, we would each have a different picture...all correct pictures...all lovely pictures. Can humans sit in circle and celebrate each others' individual perspectives without needing any of them to be right or wrong?

Humans may have trouble with simply witnessing each other in the awareness that there is room for each of us and that each of us is here now to be unique. The most harmonic sound I ever heard was many birds all chirping at once. Many species of birds sang in dissonance but in the dissonance was a harmony. In higher frequency awareness so it is with humans. Each in our own learning process, engaged in our soul purpose we emit a note. All the notes together are one beautiful chorus in the 13th realm.

Each animal, human and nature being is a Divine spark of One LOVE! When I asked everyone at the Unconditional Awakening Seminar to express gratitude the room jumped up to a very high frequency and everyone realized they loved each other by design! People practiced hearing and being aware of each other as gifts instead of advising, changing and trying to alter each other. That altering technique often used in conversation, is a technique of the mind, to get everyone to replicate the mind in one being. A more sure & pleasurable route to security and happiness is to choose to turn whatever you find inside your heart back into peace within yourself. Offer up a need for anyone to be any way and suddenly, all there is to experience is LOVE. All beings are gifts. The beings that appear to cause you distress are great blessings for they give you the opportunity to find deeper peace within, based only on PEACE itself. Turn your thoughts, your physical experience and your entire energy filed back into peace. Soon you find your body is a friend to your spirit, a devoted servant available for great peace and bliss. Next you find that your spirit is simply a devotee to the ONE SOUL LOVE: ALL THAT IS!

When in conflict with a loved one, a country, a religious order, your ,mind, a neighbor, your body or a professional colleague take these steps.

1) Focus on gratitude in your heart
2) Choose to BE JOY!
3) In place of a complaint, identify your request.
4) Identify what you essentially desire in one word (example: resolution, joy, peace, love, abundance, health). Most likely, you and your opponent desire the same thing but assume that the thing has to come in different ways.
5) Allow your essential desire to be more important that the form in which you first thought it  would need to appear. The universe has a plethora of ways to create what it is you seek.
6) Assume your conflict mate has appeared to give you an opportunity to be peace instead of impose your mind's idea of peace and this blessing of grace can potentially liberate you.

    Notice how the dolphins may play and  cats' may choose breathe together in all circumstances. As a dove, Jonah, once told me, "It's easy." To create peace, be peace.

CONTROL...who exactly is being controlled?

I was boggled as to what exactly I wanted to share with my article lovers tonight. I had a plan, then one of my members commented in my self esteem website. Well, in short, my mind would not let her comment rest. It was a sentence regarding, "CONTROL". Here it is:

 "If I can’t trust my spouse to keep their sexual promise to me why am I in this relationship? I don't ever want to "control" another person's life. I choose to believe in the promise until prove otherwise. Positive attracts positive." 

 My first thought was,"WOW"!  Does one really feel that they are controlling their mate?

 How does wanting them to just be with you, become a control factor?

 How does your wanting to be just the one, become a control factor?

 How does not wanting them to look, or talk personally to another person, become a control factor?

 How does making them feel like you are suppose to be the only thing on their minds, become a control factor?

 How does checking their phone logs, or their computer logs, become a control factor?

 Is wondering what they are doing at every minute, a control factor?

 Is questioning them on their every move, a control factor?

 Is going through their pockets, looking for anything that might lead you to believe they are breaching their commitment to you, a control factor?

 Is deleting messages, they may receive on their computer, a control factor?

 Is asking their friends about a certain night out, a control factor?

 Is tasting them with a kiss when they have been out, a control factor?

 Hmmmm, how many of these questions, or worries, have you been guilty of?

 I really have to wonder who it is, that is being controlled with these jealous worries? You or them?

  I totally feel that jealousy is controlling you; if you can say yes to half of these questions, it is controlling you in a very, very destructive way. You are becoming caught in a vicious circle. You will search, and through that search you are allowing yourself to be controlled each time you apply any of the above thoughts or actions.

 It's one of those "you are damned if you do, and  you are damned if you don`t" situations. To not question and search, you are left to trust and have faith and believe in your relationship. Trust is a hard thing to do when you allow weakness to control your thoughts. To become skeptical with your heart is a very long, lonely journey to nowhere. You have to allow your mind to rest and trust the one you have chosen to give your heart to. Yes it is risky, but that's what love is. Trust, believe, do not control, and most of all feel like you are that special person they chose as a life partner.

 There are going to be times when your partner will be involved with someone that may feel threatening to you. This is when your partner will know the line. They will know to keep their personals in tact. They will know that to cross that line will only set your relationship up for complication. Another good point that was made by a member of my website was this:

         "Most of us at some point are sexually attracted to someone other than our spouse but, it's whether or not we act on that attraction that defines our relationship."


 "I have to ask myself though...is it reasonable to control my significant others' friendships, “just in case” they develop a sexual attraction?"

 This is when the line has to be drawn by both parties. "To be human is to error". I know that sounds like an excuse to fail another. It may be in some instances and it may not be in others. There are so many situations in life, that I can only generalize.

 Again, "CONTROL" is the word that comes to mind here. The control mentioned above, is of oneself again, but in a positive way. We choose to control that moment of  lust or interest; there are many words for it. The choice of control is really what matters in a relationship.

 The worry of "What if", will always be hovering. This is where our true commitment lies. It is through belief and trust.  Is it not sweeter to feel good about the,"US" in our lives? Is it not finer to feel that we can control the negative thoughts and only allow positive thoughts rule our actions? Well then take a positive, "CONTROL"  on your thoughts.

 Let your love guide you. Let your love show you the way to a life of smiles and happiness. Oh and HUGGZ. You all know I am big on those. Huggz are a very nice way to control ones body. It can send messages from one to another in the most pleasant way. So, why I ask, is that not something you would do every second you can? It's like someone saying, "OK, you can eat as much of your favorite food as you want and never gain a single pound". HA, like as if we would not all take advantage of that in this world of restaurants at every foot of the road, that are full every day . Think about that people.

 So, my question for you to think on tonight is," Do you want to be controlled by you, or do you want to control, you?  I will leave you with that thought to ponder and a couple more... HUGGZZZZZZZ plz!!

If you CONTROL your thoughts,

(your feelings come from your

  thoughts) then you control your feelings!

Create More Romance In Your Life

Ah, romance, that wonderful and exciting feeling, that most glorious intertwining of two hearts.  So intense, such a high, but so fleeting, and so often for so many once gone never to return.  But does it have to be that way?  Can we intentionally create and sustain more romance in our lives?

Most folks profess to want more romance in their lives.  Indeed, for some, romance is a goal unto itself, or at least high on the list of goals for their love relationships.

But if having romance in our committed love relationships is a highly prized goal, and if so many people want more of it in their lives, how can we create, cultivate, and encourage it?  What concrete steps can we take to make sure that romance takes seed and flourishes?

The purpose of this article is to explore the idea that romance begins in your heart-center and grows outward, and is, to some significant degree, a reflection of how you feel about yourself.  In other words, by romancing yourself first you can create the conditions that allow you to experience and express romance with another more easily.

Listen: your capacity to love and accept yourself is the measure of your capacity to love and accept others.  The same can be said for romance: your ability and willingness to create romance within is the measure of the romance you can help create in a committed loving relationship.

True romance isn’t just about flowers and poems.  Flowers and poems are great, of course, but are really just an extension of a feeling that comes from within, something that starts in, and flows from, the heart.  Without that heart-felt feeling, flowers and poems are but an attempt be to romantic, not an expression of true romance.

So how do you create more romance in your life?  Begin by romancing yourself.  Love, accept, and forgive yourself on a deep level.  Treat yourself with respect and understanding.  Buy yourself flowers.  Write yourself a poem.  Treat yourself with respect and dignity.  And remember: if you don’t love yourself first, you can’t truly love another.

And remember that it is far more important to be the right person than to find the right person.  Our relationships are a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves.  Romance, too, is a reflection of that inner state.  By first creating romance within, you’ll be well on your way to creating more romance in your life.

Develop A Belief System That Works For You

It is interesting to note that most of society is free.  There is a percentage of the populous that is incarcerated for crimes against society.  So too, are there people who live in political cultures that do not value the freedom of its' people.  Nevertheless, the majority of the people in the world live in relative freedom.  They can choose whom they marry, what they do for a living, and where they live.  Most societies allow their people to move around freely without restraint.  As long as an individual is obeying the laws, that person has wide latitude in conduct.

    The freedoms offered by governments are physical freedoms that all its' law abiding members enjoy.  However, many operate in a “prison like” atmosphere regardless of what they are given.  This prison does not exist on the material plane.  Rather, it is a creation of the mind.  It is manufactured from an individual's belief system.  These beliefs become people's jailers.

    Most will tell you that they can think for themselves.  To suggest that they are incapable of creating their own ideas is met with an overwhelming attitude to the contrary.  All their success, experiences, and intelligence give a sense of independence.  They mistakenly believe that their belief systems is of their own making.  Unfortunately for them, it is not.

    A fundamental concept to creating the life that you desire is to create a belief system that works for you.  Contrary to what most think, our beliefs systems are shaped by the influences around us.  Teachers, parents, friends, co-workers, and institutions all have input into the beliefs that we live by.  Have you ever noticed how children's ideas often reflect those of their parents?  This is so common that political organizations poll school children during Presidential elections because they accurately reflect the sentiment of the adults.

    The governments of the world are masters at shaping the belief system of its' people.  Through the use of propaganda, public opinion is swayed based upon the desires of those in power.  This is often done in the name of nationalism.  A group of people is established as a threat to the society.  Events are shown to validate this viewpoint while creating the emotional dislike towards that group.  Thus, the government is free to act as it see fit with the full support of its people.  Unfortunately, most people do not have firsthand experience to form a solid conclusion.  Of course, they will defend their belief even though that are not certain where it came from.

    It is common for people and organizations to manipulate other's beliefs for the sake of control.  The government is one example.  Some religions throughout history has acted in a similar manner.  They used threat of an angry Deity and eternal damnation to control the masses.  There were numerous instances where the Church of England was the most powerful organization in Europe.  With a following that is under control, it is much easier to maintain influence.  Naturally, there are many denominations where this is not the case.  So, too, are their many people who's lives are enhanced by their religious affiliation.  Unfortunately, this is not true in all instances.

    The key to a belief systems is creating one that works for you.  As an adult, you have the freedom to believe anything that you desire.  Spending time questioning where some of your beliefs came from is healthy.  It is also effective to determine whether they still work for you.  If they assist you into being happy, joyous, and free, then they are worthwhile.  However, when they instill pain, perhaps it is time to rethink them.

    Ironically, the beliefs that seem to cause the most chaos in people's lives come from those who love us the most.  Many individuals suffer from psychological disorders due to the influences of their parents.  Things such as low self esteem, abandonment, and sexual issues all come from our upbringing.  Typically, one who suffer from any of these, was made to feel guilty and shameful.  Their worth was shown to be tied to their performance which never was good enough.  Mistakes were not forgiven but something to be used as a weapon to make the other feel worse.  All this was done as a form of control.

    Leap forward 20 years and you find that a person who grew up in this atmosphere often still carries these beliefs.  Even though recent experiences will prove to the contrary, the individual still hears the words of the parent.  It affects the relationships with friends, lovers, coworkers, and oneself.  Without some help, the person is often incapable of healthy interaction with others.  There is a degree of sickness in all that is done.  Thus, the individual turns to other things to fill that void that exists whether it is drugs, alcohol, sex, or food.  However, if the belief system was viewed as insane, the person might be apt to change it.  Simply altering a few of the basic beliefs one holds regarding oneself miraculously changes life. 

    The more that we can accept that it is likely that what we believe came from other, the better our chances are of attaining freedom.  There are many things that were taught to us by others growing up which serve us well.  This is especially true if we were raised in a loving home.  However, society being as selfish as it is, there is much that stands in our way of happiness.  Analyzing our belief system gets to the root of what motivates us.  A system that contains a great deal of fear will cause one to often act out of that fear.  The opposite is also true.  To create 'our' life, it begins with creating 'our' own belief system.

Discover a tried and tested way for you to achieve happiness in 2011.

Imagine being happy all the time. How would your life be different if you were happy all the time?

All of us want to be happy. In fact in most polls people say that they want peace and happiness more than anything else in the world. The problem is:  most of us are looking in the wrong places.

But all has recently been revealed thanks to a multi disciplinary team of six British specialists who span a variety of disciplines from psychology, psychotherapy to economics who embarked on an unusual social experiment.

Their unusual challenge?

What does it take to make residents of a town happy?

During their experiment in Slough, a commuter belt town, twenty two miles from the centre of London they discovered 10 “seeds of happiness”.

Ten things which when you do them all regularly will not only improve your life in your community but will make you happy and contented.

What are they?

•    Plant something and nurture it. When you water and feed plants they grow. When you water and feed the seeds of your interest- they grow.

•    At the end of each day stop and think how fortunate you are. Think of five things in your life that you are grateful for.

•    Make time to talk to your partner. Every week sit down for at least an hour and talk with your partner or someone you love. That’s one hour without answering the ‘phone or watching TV or listening to music. One undisrupted hour with your loved one.

•    Make that ‘phone call that you keep promising yourself you will make. Contact the friend with whom you haven’t spoken for a while.

•    Treat yourself. Give yourself a treat every day and take the time to really enjoy it. Be good to yourself. This simple act breeds; self confidence and positivity and happiness.

•    Have a good laugh at least once a day. Laughter helps to stimulate your immune system.
Research shows that laughter is important for people who survive a heart attack. It has been found that  people are less likely to have a second attack, need less medication and have lower blood pressure if they allow themselves to see and laugh at humorous situations each day.

•    Exercise. Make the effort to walk, run, jog, swim, whatever for half an hour three times a week. Guaranteed to reduce stress and make you feel good.

•    Every day smile at and/or say hello to a stranger. Smiling is not only good for the person receiving it also makes you feel good too.

•    How long do you spend watching TV? Research show that too much TV actually causes unhappiness. So make an effort to cut your viewing time by half.

•    Every Day do a good turn for someone.

Now it's down to you.


Implement the 10 seeds of happiness into your life for two months and see the difference it makes.

It works.

Good Luck

Do What Feels Good And Find Freedom
A thought is an energy. Energy always wants to manifest itself.

Energy can not be stocked or blocked. It will get out anyway. If you do something to prevent your energy from flowing, it will find another way to express itself. If you do not follow your own energy, your intuition, if you swim against the stream of your own flow, energy will express itself in sickness, tiredness, depression, skin diseases, temper tantrums, agressiveness and other not so pleasant things.
So why not follow the road where your energy takes you? This is your road, your way!

Do you know the song “I did it my way”? Well, if you do things your way, if you dare being yourself, you will feel the energy.

As long as you try to be somebody else to please your parents, peers, husband, wife, boss, children, neighbours or whatever, your energy will be stuck.
Ok, you say, but won’t I become selfish, an outlaw, a social disaster by following my own road? No! You will become yourself. That is freedom : to be yourself.

See the world like a big wardrobe. Everybody has his own costume. There is only one that fits you perfectly. As long as you try to be someone else, you are walking around with a costume that is either too small or too big for you. You don’t feel comfortable in it. And what else is, you “stole” a costume that belongs to someone else! That means you are not at the right place doing the right thing with the right people! You took someone else’s place, someone else’s costume!

How can you know if you are at the right place, doing the right thing with the right people? There is a very simple criterion to find out : the questions stop in your mind! This spinning machine in your head that was torturing you for years has just stopped by itself! You can feel it : you feel good, everything is “right”, your talents are asked for and you have the greatest pleasure to offer them to the those around you. Everything falls at his place. Questions vanish and make place for peace.

As long as you torture yourself with all these questions, it means you still didn’t find your right spot on earth. You are doing an activity that somebody else should be doing. And your “job” is getting done by someone else who is not at his right place either! You see? It’s like a puzzle : if everyone is at his right place doing the thing he knows the best, everyone would be at peace, filled with energy and health, and everyone would live in wealth.

Go searching for your right place. The moment you stop being harassed by so many questions and you feel your energy flowing in your veins, you know this is it! You are on your road, your road to freedom. This IS freedom!

Look for it, go for it!

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