Saturday, May 7, 2011

>Green Tea Diet Supplement

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Green tea diet supplements are all the latest rage in the weight loss industry today. With its countless health and weight loss benefits, green tea diet supplements are fast replacing ephedra as the leading weight loss product in the market.

So what makes green tea diet supplement different?

            For one, green tea diet supplement provides its user with an organic alternative to losing weight. Taken from the Camellia sinensis plant, green tea diet supplement contains ingredients that are beneficial to the body.

            Several studies have been made on the effects of green tea diet supplements. It has been shown that the green tea extract found in green tea diet supplements contains a high amount of polyphenols. These substances in green tea diet supplements are natural bioflavonoids that act on the harmful free radicals that are the major causes of aging and diseases. By destroying the free radicals, the polyphenols in green tea diet supplements thus helps protect you from aging and diseases.

            Green tea diet supplements are also great appetite-suppressants. In fact, this attribute of green tea diet supplements is one of the main reasons why it was made into a diet supplement in the first place. Green tea diet supplements affect how the appetite hormone noradrenaline acts. By suppressing noradrenaline, green tea diet supplements help reduce the occurrence of hunger pangs and make sure that you do not take in more food than you actually need.

            Green tea diet supplements are also known for their major fat-burning attributes. Green tea diet supplements contain a significant amount of caffeine that accounts for its reputation as a great metabolic rate enhancer. Studies have show time and time again that caffeine in green tea diet supplements can cause a four percent increase in the body’s total energy expenditure. But unlike other diet products, green tea diet supplements increase metabolic rates without necessarily affecting the person’s heart rate. This is due to the fact that green tea diet supplements contain less caffeine than the average caffeinated drink or caffeinated diet products like ephedra. This makes green tea diet supplement a safer, healthier choice.

            Aside from burning calories and increasing metabolism, green tea diet supplements are also highly valued for their ability to lower down cholesterol levels in a person. The antioxidants found in green tea diet supplements targets the bad cholesterol found in the body and in the process help maintain the ration between LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol.

            Green tea diet supplements contain substances that have great thermogenic effects on the body. Thermogenesis is the process by which the body converts fat and calories into heat energy. The process is usually occurs when polyphenols interact with other substances, causing heat to be released. With the high amount of polyphenols in green tea diet supplements, it is not avoidable that thermogenesis occurs.

A study on the thermogenic effects of green tea diet supplements was recently concluded at the University of Geneva. The scientists found that of the ten healthy young men that served as their experimental subjects, only those who were given green tea diet supplements showed an impressive four percent increase in their total 24-hour energy expenditure. From their findings, the researchers surmised that green tea diet supplements can promote weight loss.

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