Tuesday, May 3, 2011

>The Unintended Sincerity of SugarCRM

>Nowadays, proprietary software has become "bloatware":
software that has too many features and as an added
consequence, the computer will run slower. These kinds
of inconveniences stem from the seller’s assumption
that consumers usually go to the "heavy" applications
in their software needs. Furthermore, the immense
marketing that sellers usually do is a testament that
these companies care more about their profits and
development more than yours. Ironically, it seems that
they try to improve your business model so that theirs
will too.

At the end of the day, what CRM software does
everything such applications should and also come off
as lightweight, quick and efficient?

Enter SugarCRM: not only is it a cost-effective
alternative to expensive CRMs that corporations sell,
it has also proven itself to a respectable CRM
application is inconceivably free of charge. That’s
because no one owns the software, since it is

The advantages of open-source software

The wonderful mix of words "open source" and "CRM
software" benefits executives, both from high-scale
corporations to small-time businesses is that they can
customize it to their needs. An example of an
open-source application is the web browser, Mozilla
Firefox. As one may observe, he/she may put add-ons to
the application, trying to add a certain
characteristic to it, making it more suited to the
user: there’s the no-script add-on for
security-conscious users and adblock for those who
dislike certain advertisements that eat up RAM. This
is the type of personalization every open-source
software, including SugarCRM, that makes it
lightweight yet versatile.

Another feature is the availability of the source
code. Each user of the software has an opportunity to
fix annoying bugs and errors that may still be present
in the application. So to speak, with the reach of the
web and the success of open-source applications, it
may be safe to declare that SugarCRM has actually a
lot of "testers", contributing to the safety,
reliability and quality of the product.

Lastly is the software’s longevity. There is no single
entity on which the future of the software depends,
which is common with proprietary products/software.
Usually, a company relies on a software manufacturer
that improves upon the application. If the
manufacturer closes shop, then the future of the
program is stymied and future versions are definitely
out of sight. The thing about open-source is that no
single entity creates the software, so its development
is sure to ensue. But in the rare case that the
started the code decides to stop development, there is
always another software group fixing things up for
consumers, and it is without neither legal nor
practical limitations.

Lighter and faster than any other CRM

By the time you download the free CRM software, it is
incredibly lightweight (around 40MB) compared to other
CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics (280MB). But basically,
you are provided with a "software skeleton": you have
the absolute basics of the application and you have
options to download more in the internet, which makes
it fit to the downloading corporation’s system. Also,
obviously, when a program has lesser size, it is
faster; in the end, productivity will increase over
time. Compared to Microsoft Dynamics in
mid-performance servers and computers, SugarCRM
flutters towards its goal while MS Dynamics CRM labors
towards its goal.


Consumers have to deal with endless marketing pitches
and disappointing results from many corporations who
currently sell software, especially CRM applications.
But with the advent SugarCRM, the best open-source CRM
software available, customers are assured of a
lightweight and secure application because of

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