Friday, June 3, 2011

Malaysian Fruits

Malaysian fruits have many benefits that are very helpful to humans. Some of the different types of Malaysian fruits are Mangosteen, Starfruit, Pulasan, Jackfruit, Rambutan, Mango and Dragon Fruit. Malaysian fruits are an excellent source for healthy eating and taste great at the same time.

Mangosteen is grown in Malaysia. It is probably one of the best tasting fruits I have tasted. Mangosteen fruit helps with the prevention of cancer and heart disease. The skin is reported to be the healthiest part of the fruit.

Starfruit is available all year long. Starfruit is often used for decorations. Starfruit is also a good source for potassium, fiber, vitamin c and copper.

Pulasan is also only grown in Malaysia. This fruit is grown seasonal normally grown between August, September and December, January. The skin of Pulasan tastes like a sweet grape.

Jackfruit is also grown only on Malaysia. This is also a fruit that tastes really good. Jackfruits are very large in size, so one Jackfruit can be fed to many people. Jackfruit is low in calories and contains good amounts of potassium and Vitamin A.

Mangoes are grown all over the world. The Chokanan Yellow Mango is a great mango to eat. The Chokanan Yellow Mango has a very sweet taste to it. Chokanan Mangoes are low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Chokanan mangoes are an excellent source for dietary fiber, protein and amino acids.

Pitaya is also called Red Dragon Fruit. Pitaya is grown on a cactus. The color of Pitaya is awesome, it has a fuchsia color to it. Pitaya tastes somewhat like a Kiwi. Pitaya has large amounts of antioxidants and it is a great source for Vitamin C.

These are only some of the Malaysian fruits available but finding other Malaysian fruits should not be to hard.

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