Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Solid perfume - a practical and easy-to-use version of the perfume that you can always carry with them.

This all-natural product that is created on the basis of fixed vegetable fats and oils, which is also good for the skin. You can create your own fragrance from scratch, and it will be only yours. They have a soft, creamy form and are easy to apply your finger to the wrist and neck. They are easy to transportation and take with you on trips - required volume, you define yourself. We need:

- Almond oil. Or jojoba oil or vitamin E.
- Essential oils to your taste.
(These items are in stock, you can find in any major drugstore, but it is advisable to pay more attention to the quality of oils that you choose. It will not hurt to test the pre-mixture, as odors affect and the well-being and mood.) - Beeswax. (It can be found in shops or on the stalls in the market, which sells honey, pollen and other apicultural products.) - Tanks, we will fill the spirits. (In the master class taken for these purposes the drop-down medallions. important that capacity was with a lid that will protect the spirits from dust and litter.) Process: Mix 1 tbsp. spoon of almond oil with 1 tbsp. spoon finely crumbled beeswax.Wax can take a bit of a slide, to equalize the volume in molten form. For mixing, choose a small glass or ceramic vessel which can be heated.

The mixture is then you need to put in a water bath and wait until the beeswax is completely melted. Whilst wax will melt, it is necessary to prepare the vessel for pouring. If this medallions or something figure, it is important to discover them and set horizontally. Once the wax melt (not boiling), the capacity must be carefully removed and add 15 drops of the blend of essential oils. Pre-mix is not necessary, you can simply count the correct number of drops of each oil in turn directly into the vessel in the desired proportions. This does not mean that the pre-(not at the time of manufacture of perfumes and earlier), it is not necessary to conduct a test mix of essential oils for flavor!Versa, it is very desirable to have to know how the fragrance will, test your reaction to it and to determine the exact proportion to 15 drops. If you use only one essential oil, it is still easier - reckon 15 drops and proceed to the next step. After the addition of essential oils, thoroughly mixed liquid. now remains to carefully but quickly pour into prepared containers of spirits. (Note: all the tools and capacity, especially if they are metal or glass, preferably a little warm up before you start pouring. way it is easier to pour spirits gently and smoothly. Moreover, it is important to work quickly - even in the hot summer weather the mixture cools very quickly and out of the liquid turns into a cream) After all the spirits are poured, they need to leave for about 30 minutes to complete solidification. Solid perfumes are ready!

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