Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stained soap

The most beautiful soap obtained from the finished base. Of course, this soap will add a large number of mineral oils and other additives, but it is extremely decorative, and especially if it is to make a stained glass art. Look what an incredible soap making master ta_ash.    And here you can get to know its master class on making such beauty
We need the following:
1 Maketnik aka stationery knife
2. Plasticine (better - sculptural, even better - a sculptural solid)
3. Picture of the "stained glass". I am drawn to a vector editor and printed, but you can manually handle. It is better to first select the image easier, and do not forget the outline stroke 2-3 mm thick
4. PVA glue
5. The form in which we will be doing the casting, and later - and soap. It should be the same geometric shape as the drawing, but a bit larger size (more than my 5 mm ... a box from under the ginger cookies)
6. Compound (I - Pentelast 710 A) It all starts with plasticine. From a single piece (that's what good sculptural clay - it is sold bar of suitable size) with the aid of synthetic yarn / twine / string cut the plate thickness of about 5 mm.Insert size in length and height must be greater than the figure. applied to the plate and drawing with a pen or pencil peredavlivaem image on clay figure should be clearly visible on the plasticine, otherwise there will be problems with cutting out the details now take maketnik (better and more convenient, of course, if it is in the shape of the handle ... but the usual bureaucratic knife can handle). First, carefully cut out the "picture" on the form. Try to avoid the blade is angled to the right-left, holding the knife at a right angle. obtain zagotovochku and out very carefully cut out the stained glass Circuits future. Contour tracings we do not need, leaving only the "slides" =))) if the clay is too soft and Circuits and strive to crinkle - put blank for a few minutes in the refrigerator, it should help. When all the parts are ready, cut out of cardboard (or thin plastic) figure, exactly matching the size of a bottomed shape (mine is a circle), transfer the pattern, and how the scheme are starting to stick there "slides". Glue on the parts applied in a thin layer.PVA tightly to the plastic clay is not glued, but will not give fragments uncontrollably "blurred" in the compound Give the glue to dry on the matrix, and at this time of the remnants of our plates cut off a few "tapes" plasticine, 2 mm thick, and deposited on the walls, in contact with bottomed, spread curb Put in matrix form , and gently pour the compound reserve our form vulcanized Before removing the silicone from the mold, you should put a blank in the fridge for 5-10 minutes. removing the external form, begin gently separate the silicone from plasticine matrix of the detail is always in the form of%))) but if she stood before removal in the cold, get rid of the pieces are stuck is not difficult ...Before using do not forget to wash your form, to clear it from the traces of clay finally (I use for this " technical "old toothbrush ^ __ ^)

And now let's own soap!
What we need:
1. Soap base (clear and a little white)
2. The form in which we have made ​​a silicone casting.
3. A syringe (without needle!). In the photo - 20 ml, and can be smaller volume
4. Silicone mold (as it is done is described in the first part of the master class)
5. Food dyes (I - cochineal red)
6. Black cosmetic clay or activated carbon or cocoa (in general, anything dark for contour fill)
7. Essential oils and / or food flavorings (in the photo - EM lemon flavor and "Honey")
8. Rosehip oil and sea buckthorn (as BM and at the same time as dyes). This method is more ornate than the "useful", so do not hold to a number of BM, so that our stained glass window is not dimmed =))) In a water bath drown transparent basis, add oil, flavors and colors, fill the syringe basis somewhere in the 1 / 4 piece and carefully fill in the form "glass pieces" to 3/4 height. Color steklyshek better to think in advance and noted on the chart, while the time to think about it is not%) Then afloat another batch of soap for the next color "glass pieces", fill in the relevant parts of the form. Make sure that the soap does not congeal in the syringe and does not constitute a "plug" in the spoutAnd so until all the parts will not be filled when the foundation will seize the top film, place the silicone mold in a cardboard outer cylindrical form Fill the transparent base (I - no BM, only EM and flavor). The layer thickness of the silicone form no more than 7 mm blank Give nice to cool off in this case haste completely useless. then very, very gently and carefully remove the silicone mold with soap billet. If, despite all precautions, a pair of colored "steklyshek "stay in shape, taken away from the transparent layer, do not worry - it is fixable, just moisten the fractured water, attach the item and press gently ... Now is the crucial moment, fill a path. Swim transparent base mixed with white, add a filler (in my case it is a black clay in the other - cocoa) and using a syringe to fill the space between "bits of glass" Put the soap in a cardboard blank form "bits of glass" and contour fill up and fill the layer transparent bases (again, no thicker than 7 mm, and that will be hard to see the beauty%))) When the upper layer finally hardens, can be removed from the mold our vitrazhik That's all =))) at certain skill withdrawal form and soap boiling takes two evening ... but the result is very effective%)))))) Good luck!

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