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Officially the most popular pastime in America is football, but only formally. In fact, most Americans love to eat. Hot dogs and apple pies have become a symbol of American life. But do we know all the truth that hides behind our usual products? Here are some suspicious activities of the food industry that are happening right under our noses.

1. New Cola.
Remember the "New Coke" of the 1980s? Release of the new formula still read one of the biggest marketing failures. Some believe that it was done intentionally, and Coca-Cola specifically use a new formula to hide the transition from sugar to cheaper corn syrup, high fructose. Buyers were so happy to return the "original" formula that hardly noticed the substitution.(Although, prove that corn syrup was part of Coca-Cola until the "New Coke".)
026 15 myths about American food
2. Patient burger guy!
In 2009, The New York Times published the facts unappetizing food processing activities. Despite the fact that suppliers and retailers are prohibited from trading meat containing E. coli virus (E. coli), "tens of thousands of people each year are infected with these pathogens, say representatives of the federal health care system, and the usual burgers are the main carriers of the disease," reported The Times . Devotees believe the conspiracy theory that the Meat Trade Company specifically sold (and still sell) Americans poor quality meat, not to suffer losses due to the removal of potentially infected meat, although there is no direct evidence of this.
036 15 myths about American food
3. Obesity as a dependency.
Not just sex, drugs and cigarettes are addictive. Former Commissioner of the Office of the Food and Drug Administration, MD David Kessler sure that some products were created to be addictive. In his book "The End of overeating," Kessler explains that the combination of fat, sugar and salt stimulates the brain's pleasure zones such that we become dependent on food ever unprecedented degree. It is a combination of stimulants leads us to the fact that we can not stop there.
046 15 myths about American food
4. Roast chicken in Kentucky: what's in a name?
In 1991 Fried chicken in Kentucky (Kentucky Fried Chicken) suddenly shortened its name to KFC. Officially, it happened because of a disagreement with the authorities of Kentucky, but the town gossip spread quickly on the internet, talking about what fast food chain could no longer legally use the word "chicken" in their name due to the fact that they do not serve chicken, they serve ... something else. Were rumors that the animals that eventually become crunchy slices and hot wings were genetically altered beyond recognition: six hips, without feet, without beaks and almost boneless. KFC called the rumors nonsense, adding: "We buy our chicken from the same manufacturers that you can find in your local store."
056 15 myths about American food
5. The war on raw food.
Last August, armed groups of agents of the State Department of Agriculture in Los Angeles, CDC zabolevaniyi Sheriff's Department, Los Angeles County raided on several productions of raw food, the heads of which were then secretly interrogated. NaturalNews reports that the first test was conducted in Rawesome Foods, a health food store, where by purchasing the club could buy raw milk and cheese. (The case is still pending.) The question is why the government is so afraid of raw milk (for which it is the very elaborate rules pasteurization)? Finally, in Europe, raw milk can be purchased anywhere. Maybe Big Brother is afraid that Americans will turn into Frenchmen.
066 15 myths about American food
6. The global food crisis.
While America struggles with obesity among the population of the country all over the world are struggling with a lack of food. In his book "Postmodern Imperialism" Eric Walberg writes that the projected price hikes, deterioratsiya soils and stagnation in the food industry - all part of the plan a secret group of powerful people, aiming to ensure that control the world's food resources and strengthen their power. Wahlberg cites some examples, in particular the war in the Middle East, because of which very grown food prices and subsidies in rich countries through which they control the local farming and poor countries are out of the food market. But the real proof of the existence of this secret group of conspirators is not enough.
076 15 myths about American food
7. Monosodium glutamate can fry your brain.
Monosodium glutamate is known as a flavor enhancer. But it can also provoke headaches. It is very likely that these two features are related, and the food industry is clearly aware of this. World conspiracy theorists suggest that a substance that affects the nerve endings in your language, making him feel the taste to a greater extent the same effect on the brain's neurons, causing cell death. Food industry ignores this side effect, as it is beneficial for people to buy food with a content of sodium glutamate.
086 15 myths about American food
8. Medical industry.
A group of journalists who are investigating in the field of nutrition, create your own blog Freedom Nutrition. They suggested that modern food intentionally infect various diseases that people had to seek medical attention. Also highlighted the fact that the growing pressure on manufacturers of "natural" medicine (herbs, teas, etc.) to get a license for the production of these drugs, they need to go through a very lengthy process of registering as medicines. In Europe, St. John's wort and camomile vendors already have to pay a decent amount for the opportunity to sell herbs. It turns out that the proverb "An apple for dinner, and the doctor does not need" to be taken literally, and soon to buy fruit, you will need to get a prescription?
096 15 myths about American food
9. Dairy Industry.
Popular commercials like "Would you like a jelly?" Not only encourage people to drink milk or dairy industry also bring a cloud of money. While the bulk of the advertising of dairy products is based on the prevention of osteoporosis by means of milk, some studies, including the National Council for dairy farming, show that bone strength can be enhanced to a greater degree of plant foods than animal products and especially milk.
1083 15 myths about American food
10. Honey and bees.
Bees may become endangered species. Most of the scientists believe that this is due to the worsening environmental situation. The newspaper The Globe and Mail reports that beekeepers in China using massive doses of antibiotics for the treatment of hives. Antibiotics penetrate the honey and give it a bitter taste. To clean it up, while filling in it add sugar or corn syrup. And you can not be identified by a label, what you eat honey. To works written in Chinese honey that he is from Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. This allows you to sell the honey with impurities without additional taxation. Buy local honey bees - local nectar of flowers may reduce allergy symptoms.
11110 15 myths about American food
11. Bionic alfalfa.
Food, Monsanto produces genetically modified alfalfa, which is resistant to the herbicide Roundup, and Ronnie Kammin Secret of the planet is sure that it is dangerous for the animal and for the farmers, and even the soil. Propagation of such alfalfa lead to what will be "superfamily" which need more powerful herbicides. This cycle can continue until such time as the food will become uninhabitable. Monsanto denies that such a result is their goal, and urgently asked for authorization to USDA.
1268 15 myths about American food
12. Organic food.
If in the production of organic products do not use chemicals and pesticides, then why is it so expensive? Writer Anna Ghazawi of Women's Health believes that high prices - wine state, which allocates huge subsidies farms producing inorganic products. These subsidies have appeared during the Great Depression, when the state began to support family farms, in order to avoid product shortages. In our time, these subsidies are allocated independently of the financial needs and basically get to agribusiness giants. Organic farms and small farms are strangled Big agriculture.
1363 15 myths about American food
13. The Government's food.
In the short film "The Secret of the last secret weapon", a radio journalist Alex Jones claims that genetically modified products are used in Western party elites to control the population. Infertility patients and stillborn children - all this, according to Jones, is caused by the order of the government modified foods. Jones believes the cause of miscarriage and low birth weight various dietary supplements, such as aspartame ("waste product of E. coli"). However, little evidence of this yet.
1459 15 myths about American food
14. Sick chickens.
Salmonella, a dangerous bacterium that is found in pork, beef and chicken, annually causes about 40,000 poisonings in the United States. The best way to avoid infection is to destroy the affected meat still in a slaughterhouse. Currently inspectors USDA checked about 45 chickens a minute to make sure that there are no visible signs of damage. Industry engaged in breeding poultry, constantly refers to the government to increase the number of inspected poultry to 200 per minute, if that is not enough, then allow them to take control this process. This means that the production will not only control ourselves, but will make it up to six times faster.
1556 15 myths about American food
15. PETA
Activities of the organization "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals» (PETA), aimed at combating animal cruelty and eating meat causes massive controversy. If you believe the commercials PETA, released in 2012, the transition to vegetarianism will make you much sexier. The head of PETA Lindsey Wright in an interview Yahoo! has explained this promotional video: "It was a way in a few playful form to explain to people how to affect cholesterol and fat in animal products. They cause of heart disease, which in turn can provoke impotence ".

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