Sunday, October 12, 2014


paraphilia01 unusual sexual preferences
1 Partsializm
Partsializm - it increased sexual interest in parts of the body that are considered non-sexual. For example, to the feet (podofeliya), to the armpits (maskalaniya) to the nose (nazofiliya), etc.
paraphilia02 unusual sexual preferences
2 Klizmofiliya.
Some people take pleasure in introducing his anus liquid enemas. They like the feeling of fullness and pressure in the rectum.But this practice requires caution and common sense. So in 2005, on the operating table to the surgeons got a man, who introduced into his anus epoxy. Resin hardened immediately and without the help of medical man was not able to retrieve it back.
paraphilia03 unusual sexual preferences
3 Masochism
Masochism - obtaining sexual gratification from the pain, humiliation and enslavement. According to a survey of the magazine «Sex Research» Only six percent of respondents consider it BDSM lovers sexual deviation and would like to change sexual behavior.
paraphilia04 unusual sexual preferences
4 Urofiliya
Urofiliya - sexual arousal from urine. Is closely related to masochism. Amateur "golden rain" excited by the fact that someone had urinated on him or that he urinated on someone.
paraphilia05 unusual sexual preferences
5 Telephone fee schedule.
Man makes calls to unfamiliar numbers and tells something sexy about yourself, maybe even not quite truthful, and offers to join the sex-talk.
paraphilia06 unusual sexual preferences
6 Plyushofiliya
Plyushofiliya - sexual interest in stuffed animals. Can be focused on only one some form of animals or distributed at all.Studies have shown that most men plyushofobov.
paraphilia07 unusual sexual preferences
7 Dakrayfiliya.
It turns out, not all men women tears completely discourages. Someone on the contrary, they give birth. For example, dakrayfily specially brought to tears by his partner in many ways, sometimes using elements of masochism, and get great pleasure from it.
paraphilia08 unusual sexual preferences
8 Fetishism.
Many men find a woman walking in high heels, sexually attractive. But when the object of desire becomes only shoes with heels, not her lovely winner, then we are talking about fetishism. The most common fetishes becomes footwear and wearing underwear.
paraphilia09 unusual sexual preferences
9 Troylizm.
Sexual arousal from watching the sexual games of others. This may also include and group sex.
paraphilia10 unusual sexual preferences
10 Akrotomofiliya
Akrotomofiliya - sexual interest in people with disabilities. Oddly enough, but becomes the object of desire is not the man himself, and his amputated body part. There are cases when people were going to remove completely healthy limbs only to satisfy their sexual desires.

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