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expensive homes

In the feudal period, the richest and most influential people were those who had the greatest amount of land and land suitable for processing. The kings, ministers and rich farmers were owners of land and accumulated considerable wealth. In the 21 th century, the monarchy has been reduced to a mere ceremonial power, the feudal system died out, and the land was fragmented into small pieces. All focused on multi-storey estate - residential and corporate. With a significant increase in the number of people property prices rose to heaven, especially in the commercially prosperous cities. Earlier, a large two story house could be bought for a much more modest amount. Today, a small apartment on the 22nd floor requires you to spend all savings, and about his house, many do not even dream of. Have you ever represented your own dream home? Let's fantasize together, simultaneously examining the 10 most expensive homes belonging to the rich and famous people.

Rancho Hala - $ 135 million

Uniquely beautiful building in Aspen, Colorado, Hala Ranch is owned by Bandar bin Sultan. The house is surrounded by bright green pine trees on a grassy hill. 90-acre ranch in the Rocky Mountains includes fifteen bedrooms, covering 56,000 square feet with sixteen en-suite, Lodge Bear room for a barber and interior spacious yard. In the courtyard adorned with a real pond waterfall. The ranch has its own water treatment plant, gas pumps and a car wash! The entire property is protected by a very sophisticated security system, because to get close to this ownership is almost unreal.
expensive homes
House Updown Court - $ 138 million

Village Vindlshem in Surrey, England has its own attraction - a luxurious mansion Updown Court in the Queen Anne style.Originally the house was owned by Major-General Sir Philip Ward and his family, but after the death of General was sold to Prince Sami Gayedu from Egypt. During the life of Sir Philip Ward anyone could walk free by name, admire exquisite woods and gardens in an area of ​​58 acres. The mansion itself is one hundred and three rooms, underground garage for eight limousines, squash court, indoor tennis courts, marble road, a lake with a fountain height of ten meters and five swimming pools! This is one of the most expensive homes valued at $ 138 million.
The Manor - $ 150 million

The Manor The Manor is located on Holmby Hills in Los Angeles, California. Originally it belonged to the popular TV producer Aaron Spelling. Built in the style of a French chateau, the estate includes 4.6 acres of land, one hundred twenty three rooms, not to mention the fifty-six thousand square feet of living space. It is the largest residential property in Los Angeles County, which is now owned by the daughter of Formula One boss Petra Ecclestone. Luxury property has encountered considerable criticism because of ostentatious architecture and immense size, which made the other mansions in the area like the poor relatives. At The Manor convenience there are three rooms dedicated just for wrapping gifts!
House of The Pinnacle - $ 155 million

Yellowstone fabulous mansion Tim Bliksseta Montana ranks sixth on our list of the most expensive homes. Located on the top of the slope, the house The Pinnacle is not as huge as the others in the top ten. It is valued because of the striking location and first-class amenities. From the windows of this beautiful mansion offers charming views of the Yellowstone Club, and Pine Mountain Pioneer Mountain. There is an outdoor heated pool and a private chair lift from the house to the nearby ski resort! If you are afraid of the cold in the mountains, do not worry, the house is fully heated - there's even a display of the road.
Franchuk Villa - $ 161 million

Franchuk Villa is located in the Upper Phillimore Gardens, London, UK. Originally it was supposed to be a school for girls. But the house never became a school. Today Franchuk Villa - one of the most luxurious and beautiful Victorian mansion in London. House area of ​​21,000 square feet owned by Elena Pinchuk - the daughter of former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, former wife of businessman Igor Franchuk, now the wife of industrialist Victor Pinchuk. The house has 10 bedrooms with a ceiling height of twenty feet, sauna, home theater and an underground swimming pool, and is just a few features of this dream home in the British capital. Among the busy streets of London is like an island of happiness.
Hearst's Castle - $ 165 million

Hearst's CAstle William Randolph - one of the most famous buildings in the United States, is also the most expensive house in the area. Historic and Architectural Complex Hearst Castle covers one hundred sixty-five rooms and hundred twenty and seven acres of landscaped gardens, walkways, ponds and terraces. Charm attractions Pacific complements complements this mansion, located close to the Central California coast. Designed by architect Julia Morgan, this breathtaking masterpiece of architectural art today is a historic house museum, as well as a National Park in California.
Mansion Fairfield Pond - $ 198 million

House Fairfield Pond area of ​​63 acres - a seaside mansion in the vicinity of New York, owned by an American businessman and investor Ira Rennert. Ownership of 110,000 square feet includes twenty-nine bedrooms, thirty nine bathrooms (one of them is equipped with a hot tub worth $ 150,000!), Dining room of 30 meters long, five tennis courts, a bowling alley, squash courts, basketball courts, gardens and fantastic views of the sea. During construction, the local people were angry with such a huge and expensive construction near their shelter, but faced the same problem all the expensive homes.
Penthouse in One Hyde Park - $ 211 million

This is one of the most expensive homes in the list. One hesitates to put two hundred million for a mansion, not to mention the apartment. Welcome to the Penthouse One Hyde Park in London, which was bought from Ukraine billionaire Rinat Akhmetov. Named the most expensive real estate in the world, "Penthouse was designed by designers Nick and Christian Candy. Today, these apartments are inhabited by the super-rich people, including many famous names. Among the luxuries of London complex - 21-meter swimming pool, a wine cellar and a golf simulator.

Villa Leopolda - $ 506 million

Located in a surprisingly beautiful city of Villefranche-sur-Mer on the French Riviera, Villa Leopolda was named in honor of King Leopold of Belgium II. Now it is the second most expensive house in the world. Ogden Kodmen Jr., American architect, bought all the farmhouses in the countryside and combined them into a multimillion-dollar masterpiece. The villa was built two years and was completed in 1931. The luxury residence is now owned by a Brazilian philanthropist Lily Safra. With eleven bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms and 29,000 square feet of interior space, as well as views of the French Riviera, Villa Leopolda - is not nothing like a wonderland. There were rumors that the Russian steel tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov bought the villa, which has not been confirmed. Such disputes regarding ownership only increased the cost of expensive villas.

Complex Antilia - $ 1 billion

Meet the most expensive house in the world, Antilia. This outrageously rich palace in twenty-seven floors is located in South Mumbai and owned business tycoon Mukesh Ambani. According to reports, the house was built by a billionaire for his wife, Nita. Complex on 400,000 square feet was designed by architects Perkins and Will of Chicago. Because of its high ceilings it can be compared to the height of the building shestidesyatietazhnym. Named after the mythical island in the Atlantic, the house is served by a staff of six hundred people, has a parking space of eight hundred sixty three cars and a helipad on the roof. Lobby with nine elevators, recreation centers, health clinics, a ballroom, a theater and a huge swimming pool - just a few of endless luxury features Antilia. The interior of each of their stories are unique in terms of architecture, design and furniture. Use the most rare and exotic materials - sort of a Taj Mahal of today. Inside, there's even a temple where the family spends a prayer. On the construction of the house was spent over 1 billion, but at the moment its total value is about 22 billion. Antilia - only home Mukesh Ambani and Nita, unlike many other billionaires living in different places.

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