Sunday, November 30, 2014


Five of the best beach clubs and bars that are most popular among the rich and famous people of our planet. Monaco on the French Riviera is the club «Jimmy'z» One from the owners of establishments is the Prince of Monaco, so pass face control is very easy. But despite this, the club is always a lot of fun, noisy and full of visitors. They say that the club is a frequent guest Mickey Rourke. In «Le Bâoli» in Cannes, everyone will find entertainment to their taste and mood. Here you can spend time doing nothing in a pleasant, relaxing on the comfortable sofas, and savoring wine cost from 150 to 950 euros, or dance till you drop at the bar the fiery rhythms. "Le Bvoli" in Cannes restaurant «Nikki Beach Marbella» is located right on the beach . Under white tents of the club in the afternoon you can hide from the incredible heat of the day and relax on the comfortable trestle beds. But at nightfall club completely transformed and transformed into a huge dance floor. Entertained the audience the most fashionable and well-known DJs of our planet. Over a glass of wine here will have to pay about thirty euros. In the local boutique souvenir you can buy any item of clothing with the logo "Nikki Beach". Nikki Beach Marbella, SpainOne of the best clubs in Sardinia is considered «Phi Beach». Here you can dance in the open air all night or take a fishing rod hire go fishing. "Café del Mar" in Ibiza is open to visitors since 1980. Here come the lovers of beautiful sunsets and good music. Local DJs independently select their favorite tunes and create an unusual mix, mixing in the united funk, soul, house and disco. Musicians put before itself the task to come up with tunes that will be combined with perfect view of the sunset and the night sky. Disc with club soundtracks can be purchased for a fee, and lead them home as a keepsake. During the history of the club was sold not less than twenty million records.
One thousand one hundred (652x439, 183Kb)

240 (652x414, 137Kb)

326 (652x435, 132Kb)

425 (652x435, 103Kb)

525 (560x700, 181Kb)

6 (652x490, 538Kb)

725 (652x555, 106Kb)

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