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Diamond-Covered-Shoes-0 (700x435, 122Kb)
Hardly anyone will dare to sell a car or a house to buy the most expensive pair of shoes in the world, but simply to admire not hurt. Footwear is one of the biggest obsessive desires of women worldwide. For them, it is natural, going to buy a dress to go home with two new pairs of boats. It is simply inexplicable feeling constantly naveivayuschee you need to have shoes of all colors, different materials and different shapes. In the movie "Sex and the City" Carrie Bradshaw showed women everywhere that it is normal to go crazy for shoes, but for that we need money ... and a lot. They say that women never never too much of clothes, shoes and diamonds . The cabinet stands 10 pairs already but bought eleven more, because it is such yet. And if there is a possibility that women easily adorn their feet with rubies, diamonds and Swarovski crystals. The symbol of the shoes were always crystal shoes of Cinderella. 10. Sandals from House of Borgezie: $ 216,000 House of Borgezie - this famous brand shoes in the UK, who created the Christopher Shellis. These sandals made ​​of pure gold heels, decorated with diamonds 2200 - creation of Shellisa. On the one hand in making it took 1,000 hours. Warranty on shoes 1000 years, so they can safely pass them on from generation to generation. 9. Sandals "Diamond Dream" by Stuart Weitzman: $ 500,000 Signed sandals designer Stuart Weitzman, made ​​of expensive materials, truly luxurious. Handcrafted silver and diamonds are not alone they decorated legs in Hollywood on the red carpet. That does not surprise. After all, they are encrusted with 1,420 diamonds in 30 carat such suit even Queen. They are subtle, but unabashed luxury. For the first time on the red carpet barefoot appeared Anika Noni Rose in 2007. 8. Dorothy ruby slippers from the movie "The Wizard of Oz": $ 612000 Few in childhood have not seen the movie "The Wizard of Oz," not to notice red shoes Dorothy was simply impossible. Many girls dream of then have the same. There are only three pairs of shoes of the original, which starred Judy Garland in 1940. One was sold for 612,000 dollars to an anonymous buyer at Christie's auction. Another couple for 1 million. Dollars. The third pair became Smithsonian exhibit of the history of art. 7. Boats with retro roses from Stuart Weitzman: $ 100,000 slippers definitely cause a smile on his face. The idea of gilded boats with sharp pins and T-strap inspired by Hollywood 1940s. The central element became strewn with 1800 diamonds rose. In 2008, Weizman chose Cody Diablo, screenwriter of the film "Juno" nominated for an Oscar, for the first time to show the public the shoes, but she refused, what caused several scandals. 6. Shoes Marilyn Monroe from Stuart Weitzman: $ 1,000,000 Diamonds - friends of girls, and these sandals reincarnation dreams Marilyn Monroe. The central element is inlaid Swarovski crystals satin rose. A pair of shoes named after the famous actress, as she looked like a rose diamond earrings. Sandals decorated legs Regina King at the 2005 Oscars. Later they were sold to a charity auction for $ 1 million. 5. Platinum shoes from Stuart Weitzman: $ 1.06 million Amazing sandals worth more than one million dollars for the first time wearing actress Laura Harrings to attend the awards ceremony of the American Academy in 2002. Four hundred and sixty-four pear-shaped and round diamonds and pure platinum were used for inlay shoes. Interestingly, the tape can be unfastened with diamonds and worn as a necklace or bracelet. 4. Ruby Slippers from Stuart Weitzman: $ 1.6 million The legendary designer Stuart Weitzman never ceases to amaze. His fantasies associated with ruby slippers Dorothy from the movie "The Wizard of Oz", embodied in platinum with ruby red stiletto sandals. Who can resist them? Inlaid 123 carat Burmese rubies on the platinum strip of footwear intended to demonstrate in 2003, on the red carpet. But due to the war with Iraq sandals were later exhibited in a few years at Harrods in London. 3.Bosonozhki tanzanite from Stuart Weitzman: $ 2 million Silver sandals by Weizman and jeweler Eddie Le Vienom, decorated with diamonds weighing two hundred carats and carat tanzanite weighing hundred fourscore and five of such high quality that they could very well take place in the exposition of a museum. Tanzanite was discovered in Tanzania jeweler Tiffany. Fine sandals - handmade masterpiece. 2. Cinderella Shoes by Stuart Weitzman: $ 2 million in his art Weitzman than once appealed to the tales.Favorite Disney heroine tales Cinderella with her ​​glass slippers inspired designers to create sandals. Made of soft Italian leather sandals decorated with fine quality diamonds, weighing 565 carats, placed on a platinum-based. Like a strand necklaces in the center of decor adorns amaretto color diamond weighing 5 carats and cost $ 1 million. This is the only color accent on sandals. Desyatisantimetrovymi heel - a tribute to the beloved heroine, Cinderella, it is absolutely clear and as if disappearing, leaving the diamonds shine when walking. It seems that the sandals are made ​​of glass and is just an illusion. For the first time they wore Alison Krauss at the 2004 Oscars ceremony. 1. Ruby slippers from Harry Winston: $ 3,000,000 This De Ja Vu. Apparently Dorothy from the movie "The Wizard of Oz" sunk into the soul of many designers. Only on the encrustation of shoes designed by Javier Barrera took rubies weighing 4600 carats v1350. The total weight of 50 carats of diamonds. The design of shoes began to be developed in 1989 and is dedicated to the 50 anniversary of the fashion house of Winston. On the making of a copy slippers Dorothy took 2 months.

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