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The mere mention of chocolate is a pleasant association and makes the heart beat faster. Just one candy and all the sorrows are somewhere far behind. Selection of chocolate in supermarkets is huge, but you want something unique, unique and incredibly tasty. That's just the price of a chocolate affects voobrazhenie.Obzor most expensive chocolates in boxes that exist on the market today sweets: 10. Truffles with pure gold from DeLafee: $ 130 Truffle with pure gold from DeLafeeappears, can be combined into a single unit two most luxurious things in the world - gold and chocolate. The box is just eight truffles made ​​from gorgeous Ecuadorian chocolate flavored edible gold. Founded in 200, the company has been manufacturing DeLafee luxury goods such as champagne, tea and cigars. But the characteristic feature of the brand is edible gold. 9.Japanese garden from Patchi: $ 148 Japanese garden from Patchi original box with four drawers in the open position reminds outlines Japanese garden. At each mosaic is 25 assorted chocolates, milk chocolate with praline orange zest, hazelnuts and raisins. Founded in 1974, the company is known for its quality Patchi chocolate and unique design. They do not use preservatives, artificial flavorings and vegetable fats, only the best cocoa butter. 8. Royal Collection from Godiva: $ 165Royal Collection from Godiva company, began its existence 78 years ago as a small workshop for making pralines, has become perhaps one of the most popular chocolate manufacturers in the world. Proved to be the best selling chocolate Royal Collection, consisting of 140 assorted chocolates. In a beautiful box hid black, milk and white chocolate with different fillings - caramel ganache and fruit. 7. Chocolate from Pierre Marcolini: $ 195 Chocolate from Pierre Marcolini Pierre Marcolini (Pierre Marcolini) opened his first chocolate shop in 1995. Being a famous pastry chef, he used his knowledge to surpass the leading chocolatiers. The weight of his chocolates are only six grams, but he was able to achieve the perfect combination of taste and smell. He uses unusual for chocolate fillings, such as black currant, melon. And sometimes he turns to completely rare ingredients: pepper, chestnuts, sweet tonka bean, patchouli. In a box with four pallets fit 80 chocolates. 6. Truffle Hunger Games from Vosges Haute: $ 225 Truffle Hunger Games from Vosges Haute Located in Chicago company Vosges Haut-Chocolat known for the production of chocolate very unusual ingredients such as wasabi or mushrooms. No wonder the film company Lionsgate Movie Studio has chosen them to represent the film "The Hunger Games. Catching Fire. " Special Collection consists of 18 different truffle shapes, textures and colors. Milk chocolate with coconut and banana, white chocolate with rosemary and pink pepper, dark chocolate with walnuts - try and die of bliss. 5. Truffle from La Madeline Knipschildt: $ 250 Truffle La Madeline from Knipschildt Although only one candy box, each piece will cost almost its weight in gold. Surprising truffle starts with a layer made ​​of a mixture of dark chocolate, heavy cream, sugar and truffle oil. Beneath it hides a rare French black truffle (fungus). All candy covered with chocolate and sprinkle with cocoa powder. The box for this truffle is decorated with sugar pearls and tied with a silk ribbon. 4. Aficionado Magnum Collection from House of Grauer: $ 275Collection Aficionado Magnum from House of Grauer The firm House of Grauer very interesting concept. They produce chocolate, ideally combined with cigars. Magnum Collection is specially designed fragrance 14 kinds of chocolate. The box contains 104 candy to help pass a pleasant evening alone with his cigar. 3. Royal Collection of DeBauve & Gallais: $ 650 from the Royal Collection DeBauve & Gallais French firm produces DeBauve & Gallais chocolates for over 200 years. Her first clients were Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis Philippe. It is for them, they produce unique candy, which became publicly available only after 1913. 2. Richart Petits: $ 850 Richart Petits Amazing chocolate will appeal to fans of unusual sweets. However, the surprise and the wooden box handmade. Within its seven drawers, filled chocolates, each a kind of chocolate with the unexpected taste: Gum, citrus, fruity, herbal, spicy or floral. Each candy weighs four grams, 15 calories in it. 1. Chocolate from Swarovski - Harrods: $ 10,000 Chocolate from Swarovski - Harrods Harrods Patchi and joined forces with the amazing production of chocolate, decorated with Swarovski crystals. They are designed for those customers who want to get extreme and exotic at the same time. The box contains 49 chocolates wrapped in Indian silk and lying on suede with platinum and gold walls. Each candy cane decorated in gold, silk rose and Swarovski crystals. In the Guinness Book of these chocolates, unfortunately, was not hit, but still they are worthy of attention udelёnnogo them and paid for them money.

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