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The list was headed by the chief author of the bestselling book of the year "50 shades of gray" by EL James (alias Eric Mitchell James).
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Novel that is based on another literary hit - the vampire saga "Twilight", was sold at a record pace: more than 70 million copies in the first 8 months in the United States. Through this reporting period - from June 2012 to June 2013 - James earned $ 95 million. The second line of the rating took luminary of American fiction, James Patterson (income of $ 91 million). Three of the most highly paid writers closes Susan Collins, author of the new teen blockbuster "The Hunger Games." Successful adaptation of the book allowed the writer in the reporting period to get an income of $ 55 million. In the Forbes ranking includes such well-known authors like Danielle Steel (№5; revenue - $ 26 million), Dan Brown (№9; $ 22 million), Stephen King (№10; $ 20 million), JK Rowling (№15; $ 13 million), and others.

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1. EL James
Income: $ 95 million
Main bestseller book of the year - the novel "50 shades of gray" - grew out of literary experiments James motivated other commercial hits of recent years - the vampire saga "Twilight". The author first wrote "fanfic» (fan fiction - creative exercises fans of a product based on the beloved books written on a nonprofit basis for other fans) "Master of the Universe," which became the basis for future commercial hit.
Phenomenon James would have been impossible without the widespread electronic books, sure criticism. With the help of "readers" millions of readers "Shades" could safely enjoy the novel (because of the abundance of erotic scenes surnamed malevolent "pornography for housewives") without risk to catch yourself condemning the views of others.

236 (620x414, 113Kb)
2. James Patterson
Income: $ 91 million
is only the phenomenal success of "50 shades of gray," was able to shift from the first line of the patriarch of American popular literature (Patterson published the first book back in 1973 and since then has consistently held the top lines of best-selling authors in the United States).
To understand the scale of the most popular writers in the US, it is enough to remember one number: every 17th hardcover sold in the United States, written by Patterson. Invented them counselor Alex Cross past two decades is one of the most recognizable American literary characters.

336 (620x414, 131Kb)
3. Susan Collins
Income: $ 55 million,
author of "The Hunger Games" promptly broke into the big leagues of American popular literature through the Hollywood film adaptation of the first part of the teen trilogy. The film grossed $ 690 million and turned writer, a former screenwriter on children's television, an influential figure of the scale of JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer. On the way - the second picture on the basis of "The Hunger Games" in the commercial success of which today there is little doubt.

432 (620x414, 156Kb)
4. Bill O'Reilly
Income: $ 28 million
The famous broadcaster Fox News groped goldmine in non-fiction literature, consistently wrote the book "Killing Lincoln" and "Killing Kennedy". Both documentaries investigation have visited on the top ranking major US bestsellers, and in September on the shelves will be a new creation O'Reilly - "Murder of Jesus." And once again the critics predict author commercial success.

530 (620x414, 152Kb)
5. Danielle Steele
Income: $ 26 million
Over 40 years writing career Steele published about 128 works, that is, on average, more than three new books a year. In its copyright portfolio mainly women's novels, but there are also children's literature and non-fiction, and even a collection of poems. In aggregate worldwide sold over 60 million copies of the book style.

629 (620x414, 144Kb)
6. Jeff Kinney
Income: $ 24 million
children's author of the bestseller "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" has already written seven books about the adventures of the students of Greg and Rowley Jefferson Haffli and eighth release in November. The last part of today "third wheel" in the last year has sold 1.4 million copies. Works Kinney experienced several film and theater productions.

728 (620x414, 142Kb)
7. Janet I.
Income: $ 24 million,
"I motivate myself to creativity that spend money before they earn - admitted once Ivanovic. - My favorite activity - shopping. " The success of the most popular creations of the writer - a series of detective novels about Stephanie Plum - should help her without worrying too much about the addiction to shopping.

825 (620x414, 109Kb)
8. Nora Roberts
Income: $ 23 million,
and the author of the love of detective novels in paperback, in terms of creativity comparable only with Daria Dontsovoj, in 2012, sold more digital copies of their books than any other of the participants in the rating, except for E. L. James - 3.2 million.

923 (620x414, 130Kb)
9. Dan Brown
Income: $ 22 million
third novel about the adventures of Professor Brown's religious symbology Robert Langdon "Inferno" became a major international bestseller first half of 2013, the book sold more 369,000 copies. However, to the commercial records of previous American hits - "The Da Vinci Code" and "The Lost Symbol" - "Inferno" is still far away.

1024 (620x414, 122Kb)
10. Stephen King
Income: $ 20 million
is not the most "prolific" of participants rating, King nevertheless remains in the top 10 list of the highest paid writers in the world. Last year, he became a screenwriter Steven Spielberg blockbuster series "Under the Dome", and admirers of the author to look forward to the sequel of the famous horror film "The Shining" - the book will be published in late September.

One thousand one hundred thirty (620x414, 99Kb)
11. Dean Koontz
Income: $ 20 million
unsurpassed master of horror, Kuntz today sold about 450 million copies of his books.

1,225 (620x414, 98Kb)
12. John Grisham
Income: $ 18 million
18th Grisham novel "Racketeer" in your favorite author genre of "legal thriller" became a bestseller in the US last year №2 in the category of "fiction hardcover." Next book writer gets to the shelves in October.

One thousand three hundred and twenty-three (620x414, 124Kb)
13. David Baldacci
Income: $ 15 million
as its neighbor rated Grisham, Baldacci, before writing to master the craft, has worked as a lawyer. At present, from the pen of the author has already published 26 novels, invariably becomes a bestseller.

1 420 (620x414, 144Kb)
14. Rick Riordan
Income: $ 14 million
The author of popular teen novels about the adventures of Percy Jackson and popularizer of Greek mythology, Riordan in 2012, established himself in the status of the most popular children's writer USA.

In 1515 (620x414, 78Kb)
15. JK Rowling
Income: $ 13 million
The creator of "Harry Potter" successful format change, to retrain from child to adult writer. Now her novel "casual vacancy" read a recent parents of the target audience (the book became a major bestseller 2012 in the United States in the category of "fiction paperback") and released under the pseudonym Robert Gleybert "Call of the Cuckoo" after exposing the author's identity instantly soared in ratings bestsellers in Europe and overseas.

One thousand six hundred thirteen (620x414, 182Kb)
16. George RR Martin
Income: $ 12 million
adaptation of the fantasy world of books by Martin broadcaster HBO has spurred sales of the writer's works - thanks to the series "Game of Thrones" author has sold more than all the books in paperback in the world in 2012 (not counting EL James).

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