Saturday, December 6, 2014


Please accept my warmest and most sincere wishes all the best to this day.And let your life be as swift, elegant and unique, like this dance!

/Paul Phillipe 'Fan Dancer' a silvered and cold-painted bronze and ivory figure - circa 1925.DEMETRE CHIPARUS - EXOTIC DANCER, CIRCA 1925ChiparusAn Art Deco chryselephantine sculpture "Eastern Dancer" by Gustav Schmidt-Cassel, Germany circa 1930.ChiparusGerdago - Austria, circa 1920s.

OTTO POERTZEL | BAT DANCER A GILT AND PATINATED BRONZE FIGURE, CIRCA 1920** Demetre H. Chiparus (Romanian, 1886-1947) "TANGO", A COLD-PAINTED, PARCEL-GILT AND SILVERED BRONZE AND CARVED IVORY SCULPTURE ON ONYX BASE, CIRCA 1921.Demetre H. ChiparusAn extremely rare and stunning Art Deco Austrian bronze figure group by Lorenzl, circa 1930, depicting a trio of dancers, with a silvered, gold and enamelled cold-painted finish (by Crejo), mounted on an onyx marble plinth- 21cm high 29cm wide signed Lorenzl, Wien in bronze socle, Crejo in enamelMarcel Bouraine - 'Lively Harlequin' a silvered and gilt bronze Figure, circa 1930.** CHARLES KORSCHANN (1872-1943)FERDINAND PREISS (1882-1943) - 'GIRL ON WALL', CIRCA 1925Paul Philippe, Fan Dancer 1920s** GEORGES FLAMAND (1895-1925) Jardinière en bronze doréContinental School, Late 19th / Early 20th Century Bronze and Ivory Figure of a Boy with a Lute, signed "GO BAILLY," with an impressed clover beside the signatureAfter Rene-Paul Marquet (French, 1875-1939) Gilt-bronze and Ivory Figure of a Page
An Art Deco patinated and silvered bronze figure by Pierre Le Faguays, France circa 1920s.deco pair<3MARCEL-ANDRE BOURAINE (1886-1948) - JAVANESE DANCER, CIRCA 1925Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904), Corinth, gilt bronze with semiprecious stonesCircles by ondeviantARTDemetre ChiparusL. Leleu Art Deco Clock | Sale Number 2661B, Lot Number 412 | Skinner AuctioneersArt Deco Figural Desk Clock, Paris, c.  1925** DEMETRE CHIPARUS LES GIRLS, VERS 1928DEMETRE CHIPARUS 1886 - 1947 LES GIRLS, VERS 1928 'LES GIRLS', A POLYCHROME PATINATED AND SILVERED BRONZE AND IVORY SCULPTURE ON AN ILLUMINATING BROWN ONYX BASE BY DEMETRE CHIPARUS, CIRCA 1928.'Starfish''Starfish''Hindu Dancer'** BRUNO ZACH (1891-1935) «The riding crop»** BRUNO ZACH (1891-1935) «The riding crop»BRUNO ZACH | 'STOLEN HEARTS', A PATINATED AND COLD-PAINTED BRONZE FIGURE, CIRCA 1925* Demetre H. Chiparus (Romanian 1886 - 1947), Paris, Sculpture, "Danseuse d'Egypte", Cold-painted, Patinated Bronze, Ivory and Onyx Base, 1925.Demètre H. Chiparus (Romanian 1886 - 1947), Paris, Sculpture, Cold-painted, Patinated Bronze, Ivory and Onyx Base, 1928.Demètre H. Chiparus (Romanian 1886 - 1947), Paris, Sculpture, Cold-painted, Patinated Bronze, Ivory and Onyx Base.@ Demetre H. Chiparus (Romanian 1886 - 1947), Paris, "Danseuse de Palmvra", Sculpture, Cold-painted, Patinated Bronze, Ivory and Onyx Base, 1925.Erte Art Deco Figurine 'Pleasure Of The Courtisan'An Art Deco stylised bronze by Philippe Devriez, France circa 1930.Two Art Deco Austrian bronze and ivory sculptures, the first by Josef Lorenzl, the second by Stefan Dakon.Elegante grupo bronze por DH Chiparus.  Duplo prata pátina e ouro.  Base de mármore.  DH Assinado.  Audin que é conhecido DH.  Chiparus pseudônimo.  (Chiparus usou pseudônimo por causa da comissão e royalties devidos a ele que não foram pagos pelos editores ... seus dois pseudônimos mais conhecidos são Audin e Darcourt).  Reveyrolis marca editor.  Circa 1930. Cerca de 22 "de largura x 16" alta (55 cm x 40cm)#loveDEMETRE CHIPARUS | `INDISCREET ''La danza de los cuchillos'.  Otto Hoffmann.  Bronce, marfil y mármol.  43 cm C. 1920. Fotografía: Óscar J. González HernándezDEMETRE CHIPARUS (1886-1947) - 'YOUNG GIRL WITH HOOP', CIRCA 1925DEMETRE CHIPARUS | 'A Slight Accident'DEMETRE CHIPARUS | 'The Secret' - ca 1930Parasol Dancer by Ferdinand Preiss 12.5 "high 1920'sAlméria, Demetre Chiparus (1886 - 1947).GAUTHIER | A COLD-PAINTED BRONZE FIGURE, CIRCA 1925Demetre Chiparus Dancer of KapurthalaPROFESSOR OTTO POERTZEL (1876-1963) | COLUMBINE AND HARLEQUIN, CIRCA 1925A French Art Deco bronze and ivory sculpture, unsigned, 1920s.FERDINAND PREISS | SUMMER DANCER A COLD-PAINTED BRONZE AND IVORY FIGURE, CIRCA 1925Demeter Chiparus | "DANSEURS RUSSES" - 1928.Stunning French Art Deco Gilt Bronze & IvoryWalter Winans - AMERICAN 1852-1920 - THE MERMAID - silvered and gilt bronze, and ivory, on a veined light green marble base - signed and dated: Walter Winans 1905Beautiful Art DecoMARCEL-ANDRE BOURAINE | BALLERINA A COLD-PAINTED AND SILVERED-BRONZE AND IVORY FIGURE, CIRCA 1925"Argentinian Dance" a chryselephantine sculpture by Armand Godard, France circa 1920s.FERDINAND PREISS (1882-1943) | BREASTING THE TAPE SCULPTURE, CIRCA 1925Johann Philipp Ferdinand Preiss | "CON BRIO" - 1925.Chiparus- / Style Art Deco Dancer FigurineAntique German Dresden Ernst Bohne Art Deco Tango Dancers Porcelain FigurineDEMETRE CHIPARUS (1886-1947) | YAMBO, CIRCA 1925Another variation of this classic French art deco figure by Gilbert.Criselefantinas art-décoThis is a stunning DH #Chiparus art deco bronze and ivory figure.ART DECO-STYLE BRONZE IVORY FIGURE: FINE MALACHITE RHODOCHROSITE BOXGeorges Omerth (French, fl. 1895-1925) Gilt-bronze and Ivory Figure of a DancerAn Art Deco chryselephantine sculpture by Ferdinand Preiss, Germany, 1930s.JOSEF LORENZL DANCING WOMAN BRONZE IVORYPreiss Bronze and Ivory Ballerina'THE WORLD'S JESTER', A PATINATED, SILVERED AND GILT-BRONZE, IVORY AND MARBLE SCULPTURE, BY MAURICE GUIRAUD-RIVIÈRE, CIRCA 1930Romantic Porcelain & Gilt Dancing Duo, early 20th c.  from RTF Antiques & Appraisals - Antique Inspiration Exclusively on Ruby LanePaul Philippe | A rare patinated and cold-painted bronze and carved ivory figure, circa 1925Criselefantina❤Art DecoArt decoA superb early 20th Century chryselephantine (bronze and ivory) figure of a young girl holding her hoop behind her back.  Raised on a shaped brown onyx plinth, with excellent detail and colour, signed.PROFESSOR OTTO POERTZEL - BUTTERFLY DANCERS, CIRCA 1925DEMETRE CHIPARUS - DANCER OF OLYNTHUS, CIRCA 1925DEMETRE CHIPARUS - BALANCING ACT, CIRCA 1925DEMETRE CHIPARUS - FAN DANCER, CIRCA 1925DEMETRE CHIPARUS - CHAIN ​​DANCER, CIRCA 1925Démeter Chiparus (Dorohoi, 1886 - Bagneux, 1947) Danseuse, circa 1925..'Dolly Sisters''Dourga''Dourga'Ayouta - Ballet Russe - circa 1925'Ayouta'- Ballet Russe - circa 1925'Tanara' 1925'Civa' -1928'Kamorna' - 1930'FINALE' A PATINATED, COLD-PAINTED AND SILVERED BRONZE AND IVORY FIGURAL GROUP, CIRCA 1928 **'Dancer With Ring''Footsteps' circa 1925"Footsteps' 1925Art Deco Sculpture by colros,chiparusAucun doute possible, cette Civa, sculpture chryséléphantine estimée 50,000 € à 80 000 €, en bronze émaillé à froid, onyx et argent, est bien de Chiparus.  Alors que d'autres productions sont déclinées jusqu'à quatre hauteurs différentes, Civa n'a été réalisée qu'en un seul format, signe qu'elle était destinée à des collectionneurs fortunés.Dresden Porcelain Deco Dancer FigurineAntique German ART DECO DRESDEN ERNST BOHNE DANCERS COUPLE Porcelain Figurine | eBayBronze Chiparus Art Deco Figurine Cymbal Harlequin DancerArt Deco Sculpture "Fan Dancer" By Demetre ChiparusContinental School, 20th Century Cold-painted Bronze and Ivory Figure of an Art Deco DancerBeach Ball Girl Statue By Fritz Ferdinand Preiss Ca1925 Germany.  14.96 "H.An Art Deco bronze and ivory by Claire JR Colinet, France, circa 1920s.A lovely Art Deco bronze and ivory dancing girl by one of the most eminent artists of the period Josef Lorenzl (1892-1950).  She has a beautifully carved face and her cold painting is in entirely original condition.  She is signed in the bronze by one of the many signatures used by Lorenzl (Renz).  She stands upon a well shaped green onyx base.  Circa 1930.Art Nouveau FigurineDEMETRE CHIPARUS - AYOUTA, CIRCA 1925Art DecoA beautiful rare Art Deco figure by Dakon for Goldscheider, Austria c1920s, depicting the "Dolly sisters"PAUL PHILIPPE | DANCER SCULPTURE, CIRCA 1920Art Deco Pierrot and Pierrette Porcelain Couple1930's Goebel Ballet Russe porcelain figurine Double CrownLife magazine 'The Flapper' cover by FX Leyendecker, 1922FERDINAND PREISS (GERMAN: 1882-1943 "." THE SKATER ".'Baquesa'.  Pierre le Faguays.  Bronce y mármol.  42 cm.  C.1920.FELIX WEISS | 'LIBERTY', A COLD-PAINTED BRONZE FIGURE, 1930A classic French art deco spelter figure by Gilbert 1930s.An Art Deco bronze and ivory sculpture by Lorenzl, Austria circa 1925.Enrique Molins-Balleste bronze and ivory figure "Violet" circa 1920s.DEMETRE CHIPARUS | ETOILE DANSEUSE SCULPTURE, CIRCA 1925ARMAND GODARD | SYRIAN DANCER A SILVERED AND COLD-PAINTED BRONZE FIGURE, CIRCA 1925DEMETRE CHIPARUS (1886-1947) | MIRO, CIRCA 1930326.jpg 600 × 389 pixelsFerdinand Preiss 1925 Autumn DancerArt Deco sculpture, after Demetre Chiparus (1886-1947).DEMETRE CHIPARUS ... I adore this.'Red Dancer'- Also' Charleston Dancer '-
Chiparus, Dancer of Karputhala

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