Friday, January 30, 2015


Antiques always relevant and attractive - fashion over him no power.

 Its value - in its uniqueness, exclusivity. Of course, I would like to have the charm and the house, but even watching all these beautiful (especially for women!) Is nice ...

0 (700x306, 109Kb)

1 (700x487, 240Kb)

3 (480x700, 100Kb)

4 (700x505, 163Kb)

5 (700x593, 228Kb)

2 (567x700, 248Kb)

37 (700x483, 65Kb)

38 (700x466, 77Kb)

1,505 (647x700, 163Kb)

1,506 (700x700, 272Kb)

In 1524 (700x494, 170Kb)

1529_1 (616x700, 284Kb)

1539 (608x700, 237Kb)

One thousand five hundred and seventy-one (543x700, 87Kb)

One thousand nine hundred and ninety (629x700, 161Kb)

In 1999 (700x666, 116Kb)

2,004 (700x565, 192Kb)

2,029 (700x545, 88Kb)

2120 (644x700, 234Kb)

In 2126 (696x700, 108Kb)

2,149 (700x424, 111Kb)

2,154 (700x666, 118Kb)

Two thousand one hundred sixty-one (700x700, 214Kb)

2 312 (700x529, 142Kb)

2358 (684x700, 160Kb)

In 2827 (700x462, 177Kb)

Two thousand eight hundred and fifty-one (700x500, 88Kb)

2859 (515x700, 121Kb)

2 874 (700x558, 70Kb)

2 885 (700x538, 130Kb)

2893 (700x572, 114Kb)

41 (668x700, 317Kb)


Stone-cutting product of the royal amber, gold 585. Once upon a time Phaethon, the son of the sun god Helios, begged his father to allow him to control the solar chariot.Loving son of Helios agreed to the request - but the young Phaethon was unable to hold the reins, and a fiery chariot beginning to lean towards the ground. Then boil the sea, the rivers have dried up, ancient forests on fire, and mad with fear of the people cried out to the gods. In anger, the supreme ruler of heaven Zeus stretched out his hand and threw down the Phaeton, where he crashed on the rocks. A depressed death of his beloved brother Heliades, daughters of the sun-god, turned into poplar to forever mourn the dead. Tears dripped from their branches in the river flowing past, instantly hardening and turning in the sun in a clear, warm stone ... So says one ancient Greek legend about the appearance of one of the most beloved people gems - amber stone sun.

Stash .Ulybka amber Amber Room. The history of dating a man with amber has about 9000 years - even in the Neolithic Baltic amber was the object of desire and commerce, first raw and then in the form of beads, amulets, ritual figures of people and animals ... Actually, a number of peoples amber itself was an analogue of the monetary unit. Amber decorated crown of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen, it is mentioned in Homer's famous "Odyssey." In ancient Rome, with his love of glitter decorative and ornamental stone dominated amber fashion - especially merchants traveled to the North of amber. Amber has to grind out figurines, bowls and vessels, home decoration, bas-reliefs and, of course, numerous decorations. Stone and appreciated for their beauty and for his alleged healing and protective properties.The figurine from a single amber "Vase" Little Amber figure, according to Pliny the Elder, cost more than live a slave. In China and Japan cherry amber color, the so-called "Dragon's blood", worn by members of the imperial family. In ancient Russia amber called "ilektr" - it is believed that the combustibility of amber resin was the creation of the mythical phenomenon of "white stone Alatyr flammable", which appears in a variety of old Russian fairy tales and legends. After the pearls he was the second popular gem, mainly because it was manufactured beads and inserts for rings and earrings. In the Middle Ages amber was widely used in Europe and Russia for the manufacture of religious objects - beads, jewelry for the salaries of icons;Patriarch Nikon was amber staff. Highest level of development reached amber business in 17-18 centuries - then amber carved figurines made ​​inlays and mosaics.From interconnected without a frame joint to joint plates create large furnishings - sculpture, jewelry boxes, snuff boxes , vessels, vases, candlesticks ... It was then created the famous Amber Room - a unique monument of architecture and art kamennoreznogo, is a prefabricated wall cabinet of 22 mosaic panels of amber, a plurality of boards, decorative items and jewelry made ​​of amber. Amber Chessexclusive luxury piece of furniture . Figurines carved from a single piece of amber.Board - the basis of wood, trimmed with amber plates. Dark cells are made ​​using a special engraving (intaglio). The figure of amber "Crocodile". Watch the royal amber, ivory, silver. Set table work Florentine mosaic, amber and gold. Radio amber.Stash amber "Chinese Dragon" Chinese dragon symbolizes the male nachalo.Izdelie executed in oriental style amber in combination with bone (mammoth tusk used in partition walls and thread). The air box design has eight sides and top removable cover, which bear carvings of various scenes and landscapes and the traditional Oriental dragon. Author's work. Icon of Our Lady "is truly meet" from the root of Wawona and amber. Kiot root Wawona, Indian apple and amber succinite. The nobility of the 20th century-old bog oak underlined game warm amber. Icon "Holy Face" of bog oak and amber. Kiot of bog oak and amber succinite. Jewelry copy of the vessel from amber plates. Built in 1577 at the royal shipyard galleon Revenge (in English the place) was the most high-speed in its class and at the same time a father of an entire dynasty of ships and even submarines called Revenge . which cost fabulous money in those days (4000 pounds), Her Majesty's Ship Revenge, unlike many other ships of the time, was not created in the eye, and with the use of drawings and engineering approach, and predetermined style building ships for three centuries ahead. By Revenge remains to this day the legend of the English fleet.In 1587 Galleon served as the flagship of Francis Drake in the campaign against the Spanish Armada fleet. In a fierce battle at Gravelines, in July 1588, the Spanish armada Dreykobratil flight. After the defeat of the Armada England, with a view to preventing the restoration of the combat capability of the Spanish fleet, the blockade of supplies Spanish colonial treasures of America. In the course of this campaign, in 1591, Revenge participated in a fifteen-battle with vastly superior forces of the enemy. As a result of a fierce battle Revenge was besieged. Captain Richard Grenville gave the order to sink the ship, but his officers agreed with the Spaniards to surrender the ship in exchange for the lives of the crew. After receiving adequate safeguards Revenge resigned, becoming the only English ship that managed to capture the Spaniards. Wounded Captain Grenville died two days later aboard the Spanish flagship korablya.Zahvachenny Revenge never reached the coast of Spain, to crash near the Azores in a terrible storm and killing 200 Spanish sailors. It was this story is told in the poem by Alfred Tennyson's "Revenge." Backgammon "Hunting for pheasant" Backgammon. Backgammon made ​​of amber of various colors and bog duba.Eksklyuzivnaya handmade.


Storehouse of antiques, collectibles, vintage and designer items in the vast space of flea markets in the world.

Lose track of time is possible once one of the largest flea markets in the world. Number of tents represent a continuous string of amazing things, making a walk into a real tour, allowing to get acquainted with different generations of people, reflecting their ideas and views in the article of clothing, household goods, posters, works of art. But Mrie not assume that only lovers of antiquity green light on the way to the concentration times and eras. The proposed range is not withstand any classifications, there probably has everything and more. On par with the works of masters of the past can be found worthy of attention the work of young designers often offer exclusive things. Fans of art deco and art nouveau, vintage hunters things that lovers of antiques and ordinary people are happy to spend more than one hour walking through the atmospheric streets and squares.

Flea market in a given country is a great place for alternative products suvernirnoy: fridge magnets do not stand up to competition from old postcards of Paris past years, the Spanish fans, Italian glass, Japanese scrolls and porcelain dolls, ethnic ornaments.
In the summer, when it's good weather and have time to stroll through endless mall, flea markets are particularly popular, so we chose the 13 most famous and interesting ones. Home to flea markets considered France, so suggest you start with an overview of the streets of Paris.

Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, Paris, France

Porte de Clignancourt, Paris, France

Portobello Road Market, London, UK

Togo Shrine, Tokyo, Japan

Brooklyn Flea, New York, United States

Kunst und Flohmarkt am Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany

Mercado Rastro, Madrid, Spain

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York

Waterlooplein, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Flea market in the territory Izmailovskii vernissage, Moscow, Russia

Porta Portese, Rome, Italy

Shook Pishpishim, Jaffa, Israel

Petofi, Echeri, Budapest, Hungary


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