Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Pimps usually give light weight with plenty of gold jewelry bought at a pawn shop to re-pledge them in the event of arrest, because the money will be confiscated, and jewelry - no.

Players Stock Exchange came to be called "bulls" and "bears" because of the Mexican caballero who staged fights in California between these bulls and grizzly bears. They noticed that the bears are trying to squeeze the opponent to the ground while trying to pry the bulls horns and throw up. The popularity of these fights was one of the main reasons for the extinction of the California grizzly.

Professor at the University of Kansas, Mark Haub sat on a diet consisting solely of snacks (chocolate, chips, cookies, wafers, glazed flakes and similar hazards). His goal was to prove that diet is more important to count calories than follow the nutritional value of products. He lost 12 pounds in just two months.

Monkfish mating literally merge together and remain united body forever. When a male meets a "life partner" that penetrates into it deeper and deeper, gradually losing their own internal organs, yet in the end, and a pair of blood flow does not become common.

In the 18th century in one of the Japanese ships considered a case of "stolen flavor." Proprietor accused of stealing a poor student who ate his meager lunch fresh, inhaling the smells delicious cuisine at the hotel, the food seemed to taste better. The judge decided to compensate the damage caused to the sound of coins that the defendant had a certain amount of time to pour from one hand to the other under the ear of the plaintiff.

The reason that so difficult to obtain seed from pandas is that females are panda "mood" only for a very short period in the spring. They show sexual interest in all 24-72 hours for the whole year.

Urban birds have learned to use cigarette cigarette butts for medical purposes: zhzhёny nicotine acts as an insecticide and feathered helps to get rid of mites, lice, fleas and other parasites.
Sad World!

After 50 years, many breeds of dogs will disappear due to inbreeding.

No one knows who built the Taj Mahal. Extant names of architects, masons and designers, as it turned out, belonged to people who lived much later. No evidence of the true creators of this architectural masterpiece discovered so far have failed.

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